Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Power Rankings Week 13

Not much movement in the power rankings for the ACC and SEC this week. The top 10 was turned upside down again this week with Oregon and Oklahoma losing.

1. LSU
2. Georgia

3. Florida
4. Auburn
5. Tennessee
6. Arkansas
7. Kentucky
8. Vanderbilt
9. Miss State
10. South Carolina
11. Alabama

12. Ole Miss

Georgia continued its push for an SECCG berth with a win over Kentucky at home.
Florida rolled over Fla Atlantic and Tim Tebow managed to stay under 10 TDs for the game.
Tennessee controls its destiny in the East, though it looked like for most of Saturday that Vanderbilt was going to nip the Volunteers for the second time in three years.

Arkansas got past Miss St so Houston Nutt avoided being Croomed, though he still may be out at the end of the year.
South Carolina stopped their losing streak… by having a bye week
Alabama…..Saban > than Mike Shula?, not in year 1. I thought they had poured a lot into the LSU, but evidently it was their whole season


1. Virginia Tech
2. Virginia
3. Boston College

4. Clemson
5. Wake Forest
6. Georgia Tech
7. Florida State
8. Maryland
9. North Carolina State
10. North Carolina
11. Miami

12. Duke

Boston College was behind the whole game, but Matt Ryan brought the Eagles back again on the road to land an ACCCG appearance.
I though Clemson was potty trained, but evidently not. Cullen Harper didn’t really man up against Ryan.
Georgia Tech scraped past North Carolina, but it more so that North Carolina beat themselves at the end.
Florida State held on against Maryland after jumping out early.
Wake Forest stopped NC State’s four game winning streak with a convincing win.
Miami needs to beat BC to become bowl eligible. Two years ago they were thinking national title at #3 in the nation.

Top 10
1. LSU

2. Ohio State
3. Kansas
4. Missouri
5. West Virginia

6. Georgia
7. Oklahoma
8. USC

9. Virginia Tech
10. Arizona State
Next: Texas, Florida, Hawaii
Dropped Out: Oregon

LSU remains at the top with a 17 point win over Ole Miss on the road.
Ohio State moves up with the loss of number two and three. However, I think West Virginia matches up very well with the Buckeyes.
Kansas and Missouri are in position for a national title and they play this Saturday in Kansas City. I think the winner could change my mind about who is number 2.
USC and Arizona State battle in the desert on Thanksgiving with both trying to pounce on the Pac 10 BCS with Oregon out.
Oregon was dropped all the way out because without Dennis Dixon they are barely a top 20 team in my opinion.

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