Friday, November 30, 2007

Sean Taylor 1983-2007

By now, you all know the news about former Miami Safety and current Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor. My best memories of Taylor were of his intimidating presence in the Hurricane secondary during a national title in 2001 and should have been title in 2002. I still remember the Miami – FSU mud bowl in 2003 where it seemed like Taylor was everywhere. I remember a photo shopped picture on a Miami board with multiple Sean Taylor’s in the secondary just waiting for Chris Rix to throw the ball.

Sean Taylor’s death is very sad and although there are many murders in this country it hits a little harder to sports fans. Much has been said in the media regarding Taylor’s checkered past and how he was working to turn his life around. It is too bad the people around him had not begun to turn their lives around as well.

His Miami home was burglarized a week prior and a kitchen knife was found on his bed. Nothing was taken from the home. I am in the corner of Antrel Rolle that this was not random and that Taylor was targeted. It has been said that his friends warned him to get out of Miami. I believe the previous burglary was a practice run of sorts. Most burglaries where the intent is to steal occur during the day when no one is home and neighbors are not home. Let me reiterate that Taylor’s death is very saddening. I feel for his family, his fiancĂ©e, his baby, the Washington Redskins, and Miami Hurricanes football families. I wish he had heeded the advice of friends and seen the signs.

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