Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week 11 Power Rankings

1. LSU (1)
2. Auburn (2)
3. Georgia (3)
4. Florida (4)
5. Alabama (8)
6. Tennessee (5)
7. Arkansas (9)
8. Kentucky (7)
9. South Carolina (6)
10. Miss State (10)
11. Vanderbilt (11)
12. Ole Miss (12)

LSU maintains its top spot after a thrilling, come from behind victory over Alabama. Even though Auburn is likely out of the West race it hopes to give a Georgia a hit to their East division aspirations. I don’t know why I had Alabama so low last week… they played well enough to beat LSU so I moved them up. Tennessee can win out and go to Atlanta, but they have 3 tough SEC games left. Arkansas’ has Marcus Monk back giving them a big target down field and giving McFadden and Jones a little more room to run. Could South Carolina lose 4 in a row? They host Florida this Saturday with their SECCG hopes all but gone.

1. Boston College (1)
2. Virginia Tech (3)
3. Virginia (4)
4. Clemson (6)
5. Wake Forest (2)
6. Florida State (9)
7. Georgia Tech (5)
8. NC State (10)
9. North Carolina (11)
10. Miami (8)
11. Maryland (7)
12. Duke (12)

Boston College finally ran out of gas and FSU played their best game of the year. Virginia is a totally different team at home than on the road. The Cavs will have to travel to Blacksburg and play Virginia Tech with the Coastal Division title on the line. The BC loss opened the door for Clemson who can win the Atlantic by winning out by beating two of the ACC’s best in Wake Forest and Boston College, but they do have both at home. Florida State showed it still has the talent to play with most anyone and I think Drew Weatherford made his case for the starting job even when Xavier Lee returns from academic suspension. NC State seems to have turned it out around with their third straight win and second straight road win. Miami just needs to hand the ball off; the Hurricanes had over 300 yards rushing, but under 100 yards passing against the Wolfpack in a loss.

Top 10
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. West Virginia
6. Kansas
7. Missouri
8. Arizona State
9. USC
10. Texas

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