Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tennessee Goes for 23 Straight

Kentucky vs Tennessee 1:30 CBS
Line: Kent –2.5, 65
Tennessee leads 70-23-9

Its very simple for Tennessee; if they beat the Wildcats for the 23rd straight time then the Vols are going to Atlanta to play the suddenly beatable LSU Tigers. If they lose then Georgia goes. With Navy’s win over Notre Dame earlier this year, Tennessee holds the longest consecutive win streak in DI at 22 straight over Kentucky. This is probably the Wildcats best chance to win in a long time.

It seems like the Vols have 9 lives this year. They have been blown out in three games on the road this year against good teams (Florida, Cal, Alabama) and won just one (Miss St). They needed a FG pushed right to beat Vandy last week after being down 24-9 in the fourth quarter. However, the Vols have to a little peeved that they have a better record and could be going to the SECCG with a win yet they are an underdog.

Andre Woodson will be playing his final game in Lexington as will LB Wesley Woodyard, WR Keenan Burton and the rest of the Wildcats seniors. This group came to Lexington hoping to turn around a program who had previously used football as a bridge to basketball season. It was just a few years ago that Rich Brooks was under serious heat and what thought to be gone, but AD Mitch Barnhart stuck with the former Oregon and St Louis Rams coach.

Despite the disparity in records, these teams are very close in talent. Both have great QBs, good receivers, but suspect defenses. As mentioned earlier, if Tennessee wins they are going to Atlanta. I just don’t think they are the best team in the East and they have played very poorly on the road this year. In this crazy year of college football with upsets and streaks broken, I think another falls on Saturday in Lexington.

Kentucky 37 Tennessee 35
Kentucky Wins, Tennessee Covers, Over

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