Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bob Petrino to Arkansas

Bobby Petrino got the itch to come back to college and came calling to the Razorbacks. As a college football fan, I am thrilled a coach like Petrino is back in the SEC.

NFL fans are crying foul about Petrino’s exit and rightfully so. In a 24 hour span, Falcons owner Arthur
Blank tells the nation Petrino is coming back - Petrino resigns from the job, heads to Fayetteville, and the University holds a late night press conference with Petrino leading the Woo, Pig Sooey, Razorbacks cheer. You can believe the coaches in the SEC may use the Arkansas’ coaches history of moving as a recruiting tool against Petrino. Despite the ugly exit, Razorback fans have to be thrilled about their new hire after a few weeks of being used for other coaches’ raises. But the question is how long will they have him? Does Arkansas have the deep pockets and ability to win like Petrino wants to? What happens if the LSU job comes open? or Auburn? or USC? or Texas? Is Bobby Petrino going to stay?

Below is a link to his signed contract. The deal has incentives for bowl games, conference championships, national championships, and academic measures (which are becoming more and more popular). I find it most interesting that the contract sets aside money “as an incentive for you to remain as the Head Coach”


With all the coaching changes and incentives out there, I wonder who has the most interesting contract? Incentives for beating certain teams? Buyouts if leaving for a certain school?

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