Thursday, December 6, 2007

Handicapping the Heisman

The SEC has 2 of the 4 Heisman finalists and will likely have the top 2 vote getters.

I think Tim Tebow will win the Heisman based on his all around performance this year. The knocks on him are that he doesnt' have that "wow" moment and he is just a sophomore. Darren McFadden will finish 2nd I think. The junior had a signature heisman moment against #1 LSU in Baton Rouge. However, he has not been as consistent all year with a few games not even getting 100 yards. If McFadden wins, it will more of a career award than this season because Tebow has had the better season, but McFadden has had a great career, he just ran up against some stiff Heisman competition.

Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel were also invited to New York. I think Brennan gets 3rd place and Daniel 4th. Absent was Dennis Dixon who I thought was the front runner until he got hurt a couple of weeks ago. Dixon would definitley qualify as the most valuable player - Oregon is 0-3 since he went down.

Below are videos for each of the finalists from YouTube.

Tim Tebow

Darren McFadden

Colt Brennan

Chase Daniel


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