Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ranking the SEC Coaches

With Bobby Petrino’s move to the SEC West the coaching just got even more impressive in the best conference in the nation. I tried to rank the coaches from 1-12, but it is too hard because you are going to slight someone. I have names like Steve Spurrier (National Championship), Phil Fulmer (National Championship) in the bottom 6. I used past success, recruiting ability, future expectations, and talent maximization for my criteria. So I ranked only the top 6 and then you can infer or rank yourself the bottom 6… good luck.

1. Urban Meyer
National title in 2nd year, outstanding recruiter
2. Mark Richt
National title could be coming in next 2 years
3. Bobby Petrino
Cannot deny success at basketball school Louisville
4. Les Miles
Takes more than talent to win the SEC
5. Tommy Tubberville
Over the last 4 years is right up there with Richt in on the field success
6. Nick Saban
Disappointing first year, but past speaks for itself

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