Friday, March 30, 2007

Final Four

NCAA Final Four Atlanta, Georgia
#2 UCLA vs #1 Florida

Rematch of last year’s championship game
Yes, this is rematch of last year’s championship and yes Florida has the same team as last year, but UCLA doesn’t. Is UCLA better than they were last year? I would say they play much better as a team than last year. Remember, they spent much of the year in the top 3 or 4 in the country and were a number one seed until the last of the year. UCLA will have revenge on their mind, but every team has had revenge on their mind against Florida so the Gators are ready for that. But are they ready for an improved Arron Afflalo?

Many think UCLA is better with Jordan Farmer playing somewhere else in LA

UCLA ability to stop Florida inside game
Florida has really good post players… guys who can post you up, spin, and dunk or pass the ball out of double teams. UCLA is at a decided disadvantage in terms of size, depth, and talent in this match up. Will they double Florida and take the risk of being buried from the outside by Lee Humphrey? I think Florida has to double up inside and take away the high percentage shots. Florida has gone as far as Horford and Noah will let them.

UCLA Defensive Prowess
Florida likes to play up tempo with their talent and depth advantage nearly every game. UCLA loves to sit back and play defense for 35 seconds. The Bruins have not allowed any of their first four opponents over 60 points and that includes a team in Kansas who is the closest match to Florida’s talent and depth. The Gators can execute in the half court, but last year they jumped out on UCLA and really pushed the temp to their style. I think this go around Florida won’t be able to score 80+ points, but they will break 60.

I still like Florida, but this will be the toughest test they have faced all year... tougher than Ohio State, tougher than Kansas, tougher than anything in the SEC. I think Noah and his magical dance lead the Gators on a run in the second half to take over a game largely controlled by UCLA.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ACC Baseball Action

From the Tallahassee Democrat... This is some of the better baseball coverage I have come across. Focuses mostly on FSU, but has tidbits about other ACC teams. As usuall I expect the ACC and SEC to make up at least half of the CWS teams come June.

Monday, March 26, 2007

NIT Final 4

You think the NCAA Selection Committee got it right? How about the NIT Selection Committee! That's right there is an actual NIT Selection Committee that actually seeds the teams similarly to how the NCAA Committee does it. And wouldn't you know it, all 4 number 1 seeds made it to New York for the NIT Final 4.

Home court advantage matters more in college basketball than any sport. Its no wonder that Clemson was able to hold on against Syracuse despite doing everything in their power to give that game away. They had build such a huge lead at home that 50% free throw shooting could not take them down.

On one side Clemson meets Air Force in a battle of high flyers versus sound basketball. When you think of the Air Force you think of high flyers, but not in this case. I think Clemson will really struggle with Air Force unless they can force the Falcons into an up tempo game.

Miss St, who won the Western Division of the SEC, is on the other side and will face West Virginia. Two well coached teams, but not a lot of talent. I gotta like John Beilein though when he has a week to prepare. Plus, his players have already played in the Garden during the Big East Tournament (and should have beaten Louisville).

So it looks like the ACC and SEC will go down without an NIT Title this year. Hope I am wrong though!

NIT All Time Participants
West Virginia is the only team in this year's Final 4 to have won the NIT (1)
St John's lead all teams with 6 NIT Championships
Clemson leads all ACC teams with 14 NIT Bids
More NIT Info

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Final 2 Spots in Final Four

The ACC is still riding North Carolina, while the SEC is own to Florida after losing two heart breakers in the Sweet 16.

Florida vs Oregon Midwest Regional St Louis, MO
Looking at this game on paper, Florida should have a big advantage, but is that mostly because of the exposure Florida has gotten this year versus the lack of coverage for Oregon? The Ducks were tested in the first round against Miami, OH, but have won fairly comfortably in their last two games. The Gators will have the advantage inside once again with Noah and Horford, but the Ducks are very athletic on the wings and the back court. Florida should be able to win this one going away.

North Carolina vs Georgetown East Regional East Rutherford, NJ
A rematch of the 1982 Championship game and maybe the best of the Elite 8 matchups. Georgetown will try to continue their rebounding and defensive dominance against a very athletic and young North Carolina squad. The key matchup will be Tyler Hansbrough and Branden Wright versus Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green. The Hoyas are used to having a big advantage inside, but not this time around. The Tar Heels should have the advantage on the perimeter if they are shooting well. I think the scoring will tell who has the upper hand in this game. If North Carolina can get this game into the upper 70s they will win because they can throw waves of subs at Georgetown and remain fresh most of the game. However, if Georgetown can keep this game closer to 60, then their size and defensive prowess will catapult them to victory. I like the experience of Roy Williams over John Thompson III will lead the Tar Heels to a recording tying 17th Final Four.
1982 Final still lives in Georgetown's minds

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Punching Their Ticket To Atlanta

The ACC and SEC teams play tomorrow, but I thought I would go ahead and throw in my $.03 on Saturday's Elite 8 Games.

Ohio State vs Memphis South Regional Final San Antonio, TX
I really thought this was going to be a Ohio State-Texas A&M game until a missed layup and cheap foul. Then, I thought it was going to be a Tennessee two step until the Volunteers began pondering if Erik Ainge will be ready this season or not in the always tough SEC East. But now we have Ohio State and Memphis and you would think with only 1 day in between games there would not be a whole lot of bulletin board material, but Memphis' Joey Dorsey found a way to belittle Greg Oden. I am surprised Memphis is here, but I think their ride ends today. Ohio State has at least three lives after comebacks in their last two and you wonder when the clock will strike 12 on them. The Buckeyes have too many weapons and Mike Conley is beginning to step and be that floor leader Championship teams have. Buckeyes win by 5-8 points.

Kansas vs UCLA West Regional Final San Jose, CA
Congrats Kansas on a great season and Big 12 regular season and tournament championships. Now, you get to face UCLA in their home state. The Jayhawks should be familiar with the style UCLA wants to play as they saw it on Thursday night against Southern Illinois. The problem is that UCLA has more talent than the Salukis. If the Bruins can get on track offensively against a very good Kansas defense I think they will win. For Kansas to win, they must be able to attack the Bruins inside with Julian Wright and Branden Rush. I like UCLA to win and possibly set up a rematch with Florida in the Final Four. A win would give the Bruins 17 Final Four appearances, one up on North Carolina for now.
Source: Sports by Brooks
UCLA's starting five

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Sweet 16 Picks

On the eve of the Sweet 16 where you only have to flip between two games and not four. This is the first round where number one seeds start to fall. Who has the toughest match up in the Sweet 16? I would say Ohio State because they should have lost to Xavier and they are playing a team they beat by just one earlier in the year at home.

Ohio State vs Tennessee
The Volunteers have the horses to play with Ohio State and won't be intimidated by a team they have already played this season. Oden needs to be a force for Ohio State and the Buckeyes must continue their hot shooting from the outside. I like Ohio State in nail biter that will likely go to overtime.

North Carolina vs USC
Everyone keeps saying how vulnerable UNC looks, but if Hansbrough and Lawson keep playing the way they are then the Tar Heels look like Final 4 material. USC will have to travel across the country and play a team who loves to run and send waves of subs. The Trojans have struggled against high powered offenses. I like UNC in this one, but it will be very close for about 37 minutes.

Florida vs Butler
This shouldn't even be a game on paper, but Florida ain't playing up to their paper stats. Butler will do their best to slow the game and remove the shot clock all together, but Florida's inside players will eventually overpower the Bulldogs.

Vanderbilt vs Georgetown
On paper this looks like the most lopsided of the Sweet 16 games, but Vandy has already surprised me twice this Tournament. Everyone already has Georgetown penciled in for the Elite 8.....oh who am I kidding - Georgetown should win this one going away.

Southern Illinois vs Kansas
If Kansas imposes their style of play, the Salukis can't run with the Jayhawks

Texas A&M vs Memphis
Memphis is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NCAA Tournament. College Station is not that far from San Antonio and I love Acie Law in crunch time. Texas A&M keeps marching.

Pitt vs UCLA
UCLA should beat this Pitt team to a pulp with their athleticism and Pitt will have to travel all the way across the country. Also, the teacher has mastered the pupil so far in this Tournament

UNLV vs Oregon
I go back and forth on this game. One part of me says UNLV knows how to win. Another part says Oregon is very atheltic and playing very well - they already beat Georgetown this year. Oregon makes it two Pac 10 teams in the Elite 8

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweet 16 Musings

The first weekend of the Tournament is in the books and the books probably made a lot of money on people betting on upsets and underdogs. 10 out of the top 12 seeds have advanced to the Sweet 16 with the lowest seed a 7 seed.

The SEC has shown up in the Tournament with a 7-2 record and 3 Sweet 16 teams (Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt). The ACC has had a performance to forget so far with a mediocre 6-6 record and just one team advancing past the first weekend (North Carolina). The ACC missed the Final 4 last year and has not missed two years in a row since 1979-80. Now onto my thoughts.

North Carolina
The Tar Heels appear to be the weakest of the number one seeds in many people's eyes right now, but they turned it on when they had to against Michigan State. Tyler Hansbrough took off the mask early and proceeded to score 33 and grab 8 boards in an MOP type performance. North might have the toughest path of the number one seeds as USC looked very good against Texas. The Heels will need to continue to play their up tempo style and use their deep bench as that is their biggest advantage over any team in the Tournament.

The Gators survived their scare and are now onto the Final 4 right? Well, Butler will want to slow it down even more than Purdue did, but Florida must find their bigs much earlier in the game. I still think the Midwest is the weakest bracket by far and with the 2 of the top 4 seeds out it may have become that much easier. Yet, I don't think the Gators can have longer lapses of poor play than they did against Purdue because the teams will only get better from here on out.

The Volunteers get a rematch with Ohio State and this time it won't be in Columbus. The Vols capitalized on the injury of JR Reynolds, but still had to dodge a last second ditch at overtime from a less talented Virginia team. The Vols have the size to match up with Ohio State and an elite scorer who can get hot in Chris Lofton. I wonder if Ohio State had their big scare and survived if Tennessee can play as well as Xavier did.

Who would have thought the Commodores would be in the Sweet 16 after a slump down the stretch of SEC play? Now, Vanderbilt must tangle with Georgetown and the tandem of Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green.

Other thoughts...
Ohio State
Thank god for that missed free throw by Xavier in the last 10 seconds of regulation. If they Buckeyes can keep Oden out of foul trouble and stay hot from the outside they will be very tough.

Look the best of any number one seed so far in the Tourney. Kentucky tested them for about 25 minutes

Old fashioned, Big East slug fest with Boston College, but you never got the feeling they would lose.

From Sacramento to San Jose - it doesn't seem fair that the Bruins don't have to leave the state of California. Three Pac 10 teams in the Sweet 16 further prove the argument that the Bruins were the best team for most of the season.

Texas A&M
I still like this team in the region because of two reasons: Acie Law and they will be playing in San Antonio

This team does not play like a 3 seed, but they will be tough to beat because of their size and experience

I certainly did not expect the Trojans to dominate Texas like they did. Might be some payback for the 2006 Rose Bowl.

The fraternities in Vegas are going wild. I wonder what the fraternity parties are like at UNLV?

Greg Oden In His Spare Time

Ohio State is through to the Sweet 16 largely because of their Big Man On Campus, Greg Oden. Oden is the best player on the number one team in the nation (from the polls) and is likely the number one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft if he chooses to declare. So far this year, Oden is averaging 15.6 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 60.5 FG%, and 3.4 bpg.

We all now his prowess on the court, but what about off the court. According to a recent Sports Illustrated article on the Ohio State Athletic Department, Greg Oden is taking just two courses in Spring Semester 2007 - Sociology 101 and History of Rock & Roll. He also receives two credits for basketball, a benefit varsity athletes are able to claim twice during their academic career.

I guess that leaves a lot of time for basketball and partying. Oden may be doing a little more partying if the Buckeyes can win it all as some project they will.

Oden is enjoying his "Big Man On Campus" status in Columbus.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How Far Will They Go?

We are on the eve of the NCAA Tournament and I am entering my last minute bracket predictions like many of you. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but I feel like I know the ACC and SEC pretty well (and root for them too).

So who does not make it to the weekend?
Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Who does not make it out of the weekend?
Duke, Virginia, Boston College

Who finds the Sweet 16 is just a little too sweet?
Georgia Tech, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Tennessee

Who makes it to Atlanta?
Florida, North Carolina

Who makes it to the final Monday?
Florida, North Carolina

And who wins?
North Carolina

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SEC: First Look at the Tournament

The SEC sneaks into the NCAA Tournament with 5 teams because of Arkansas' late season push. Florida remained the top Gator and grabbed a number one seed in the Midwest (and not the South).

Florida #1 Seed Midwest
- The Gators have the most talent of anyone in the nation, but at times that talent spigot has been turned off, can Florida turn it on at anytime?
- Each player has their role, but Noah is the heart and soul of the team and right now he is hungry.
- I think the one player that gives them an advantage over anyone else is Al Horford on the inside
- I think their region is the weakest by a good amount and Gator fans and Joakim Noah have every reason to be this excited

Tennessee #5 Seed South
- LSU was all over Chris Lofton last Thursday, yet he still managed 20+ points
- They win ball games with full court pressure, three pointers, and transition - not exactly the classic formula for winning the Tournament
- Potential showdown with Ohio State looming; Vols gave the Buckeyes a big scare at home earlier in the year

Vanderbilt #6 Seed East
- Just glad that they don't have to play Arkansas again...unless they meet in the Elite 8
- A lot of people are going to know the name Derrick Byars if they don't by now
- Tough draw getting sent out West in the first round. I would much rather be a slot lower and be near home
- Must regain that mid season dominance they had. I said dominance like in their win over Florida

Kentucky #8 Seed West
- 2nd straight year in the 8 vs 9 game cannot make Wildcat fans happy
- They need someone to step up and take charge in the Tournament; they have no go-to guy right now
- Rick Pitino made the 3-pointer a staple in Lexington, but the Wildcats have struggled this year from beyond the arc.
- Tubby might not want to come home if they lose in the first round
Source: Google

Arkansas #12 Seed East
- I said it on Sunday that many would be jealous of Arkansas because they didn't have the look of a Tournament team, but were in the right place at the right time
- Their reward is USC, but luckily this time it is in basketball and not football
- Are there any direct flights from Fayetteville, AR to Spokane, WA?

Monday, March 12, 2007

ACC: First Thoughts on the Tournament

ACC gets in 7 teams leading all conferences once again. Today, I will take a look at some notes and observations and give a little insight into the keys to advancing. Tomorrow- SEC

North Carolina #1 Seed East
- UNC has as much talent as anyone in the NCAA Tournament, but they suffer defensive lapses for extended periods and this is the games they have lost
- You have to wonder about the effectiveness of Hansbrough with the mask; he seemed timid at times this past weekend
- Tar Heels have shown they can win on the road and at neutral sites (Arizona, Duke, ACCT)

Maryland #4 Seed Midwest
- Terrapins finished very strong with 7 straight to end the regular season, but they have been up and down all year
- Have good balance inside and out
- How does this team go 1-2 versus Miami? Graham hurt them bad on the inside, are they susceptible to a good post presence?

Virginia #4 Seed South
- Seed is a little surprising considering their low RPI
- Best set of guards in ACC, maybe the nation, but no inside offensive force
- How good was that conference record? They were undefeated at home, but struggled on the road
- Lost to some teams early on who are much lower seeds

Virginia Tech #5 Seed West
- Hokies can match any teams athleticism
- Much like their in state rivals, the Hokies are lead by a experienced backcourt of Jamon Gordon and Zabian Dowdell
- Execute much better in transition than half court, which could prove costly in Tournament
- How did they sweep North Carolina and lose 3 times to NC State? Which team will show up?

Duke #6 Seed West
- Seed seems a little high, but they were sent out West which may be worse than a 7 Seed in the East or South
- Not deep at all especially on the inside where McRoberts is their only legit post man
- Lots of close losses - always hope this close game experience pays off in the NCAA Tournament, but if you can't win the close ones what makes you think you can win them now?
- All that said, you cannot discount Coach K's success in the NCAA Tournament - 9 straight Sweet 16 appearances

Boston College #7 Seed East
- Maybe the seed is low, but they stay close to home which may be more important

- Eagles really faded down the stretch and showed that in their loss to North Carolina
- Jared Dudley must put this team on his back if they want to make it past the first weekend

Georgia Tech #10 Seed Midwest
- Looked much improved down the stretch
- Javaris Crittenton makes this team go and his play will be key
- Go 9 deep which allows them to be very aggressive on defense, but sometimes they foul out a lot more than getting steals
- Need to guard against "reading the clippings" as many consider them the favorites in their first round matchup despite lower seed

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thoughts Before the Tourney Finals

It would not be right if the ACC and SEC Tournaments were not full of upsets, especially the ACC Tournament.

What is it about NC State? It seems like almost every year out of the last 6 or 7, they have been average or below average in the ACC regular season, but yet make a run during the ACC Tournament. They did this under Herb Sendek and have continued it with Sidney Lowe. One year I can remember when they were seeded high (2 or 3) they lost after a huge halftime lead in the semifinals. The Wolfpack is 4-0.5 when Lowe wears the red blazer. That 0.5 loss? Lowe left at halftime of the UNC a few weeks back when he fell ill. Does he wear it or not today? Makes you wonder what is going on during the regular season with them. North Carolina has a chance to win its first conference tournament in a long time. Everything seems like a long time when Duke has won 8 out of the last 9 ACC Tournaments.

And speaking of Duke, they are just not very good in close, late game situations. Coach K talks about how he hopes all these close losses will help them in March; I think it hurts them because they have shown they can't win the tight ones.

Speaking of close games, did you catch the Georgia Tech - Wake Forest game Thursday night. Two overtimes and a clean look to take the game into a third. Georgia Tech is another team which has struggled in some down to the wire games.

You just never know what you are going to get at the ACC Tournament. Who would have thought Maryland would be upset by Miami, therefore losing the season series 2-1? All four lower seeds won on Thursday. It does not matter the venue, the ACC Tournament remains the best college conference tournament.

I think the ACC gets 7 teams in:
North Carolina - 1 seed
Virginia Tech - 4 seed
Maryland - 5 seed
Virginia - 6 seed
Boston College - 7 seed
Duke - 7 seed
Georgia Tech - 10 seed
Do Tiger and Sidney have something in common on Sundays?

The SEC has been a little more sane in their conference tournament. Arkansas was a surprise to many, but not me. I thought the Razorbacks were playing well at the end and are fueled by speculation that Stan Heath may be on his way out if the Hogs do not make the NCAA Tournament this year.

Florida looks like it wants to make a statement to the rest of the SEC that they are head and shoulders above.

Just like the ACC with Maryland, the hottest team coming in goes out in the first round (Tennessee). LSU was physical and would not back down from the Vols. How did LSU go from Final 4 to bottom of the SEC West - a division who might not get a Tournament bid?

The cries for Tubby to be gone probably got a little louder on Friday as the Wildcats made their exit on the day they are used to just getting started on. Tubby admitted the free throw line violation was probably his fault.

Back to Arkansas; even with a loss, the Hogs still might sneak in at a 11 or 12 seed, but just get the win and don't leave your fate in someone else's hands. If they do lose, they can't lose big. A close loss with their string team of wins so far will go a long way in the Selection Committees' eyes Arkansas did play Florida pretty tough for about 35 minutes in Gainesville earlier this year and have the inside muscle to contain Florida's bigs.

I think the SEC gets five teams in:
Florida - 1 seed
Vanderbilt - 6 seed
Tennessee - 6 seed
Kentucky - 8 seed
Arkansas - 11 seed
Arkansas after their SEC Tournament run with the NCAA Selection Committee

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Conference Tournament Predictions

I will make it short and sweet with my predictions for the conference tournaments. After all is said and done, I think the SEC gets 5 teams in and the ACC gets 7 teams in. The ACC probably lost out on a spot with Wright State's win over Butler.

SEC Tournament Atlanta, Georgia
Thur, Mar 8 Fri, Mar 9 Sat, Mar 10 Sun, Mar 11
W5. Alabama Championship
1:00 PM E4. Kentucky
E4. Kentucky 1:00 PM
W1. Miss State
E4. Kentucky
E6. South Carolina 1:00 PM
3:15 PM W3. Arkansas W3. Arkansas
W3. Arkansas 3:15 PM
E2. Vanderbilt W3. Arkansas
E5. Georgia 1:00 PM E1. Florida
7:30 PM E5. Georgia
W4. Auburn 7:30 PM E1. Florida
E1. Florida
E1. Florida
W6. LSU 3:15 PM
9:45 PM E3. Tennessee E3. Tennessee
E3. Tennessee 9:45 PM
W2. Ole Miss

ACC Tournament Tampa, Florida
Thur, Mar 8 Fri, Mar 9 Sat, Mar 10 Sun, Mar 11
8. Clemson Championship
12:00 PM 8. Clemson
9. Florida State 12:00 PM
1. North Carolina
1. North Carolina
5. Maryland 1:30 PM
2:00 PM 5. Maryland 5. Maryland
12. Miami 2:00 PM
4. Boston College 1. North Carolina
6. Georgia Tech 1:00 PM 1. North Carolina
9:00 PM 6. Georgia Tech
11. Wake Forest 9:00 PM 3. Virginia Tech
3. Virginia Tech
3. Virginia Tech
7. Duke 3:30 PM
7:00 PM 10. NC State 2. Virginia
10. NC State 7:00 PM
2. Virginia

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Last Weekend of the Regular Season

Miami vs Florida State 12:00 Raycom
This is a must win for FSU and it still probably won't be enough unless they make the ACC Tournament final. Miami's RPI of below 150 suggests any team that loses to them or has lost to them is in danger of not making the Tournament. FSU will still be without Toney Douglas, but Al Thornton will step up and lead the Seminoles to the win on the road.

Georgia vs Tennessee 4:00 Lincoln Financial
Senior Day in Athens and Levi Stukes will be playing. The Maryland native was suspended indefinitely earlier this week, but has been reinstated as the Bulldogs try finish strong at 9-7 in the SEC after a fast start of 5-2. However, I think there may be a team
chemistry issue right now in Athens and Tennessee is not the team you want to face right now in the SEC. If Georgia wins this game there will be a lot of talk whether or not the Bulldogs are in or not. I lean towards not due to the injury of Mike Mercer and how they played before versus after losing him. But it might be a moot point anyway as Tennessee will win a close one.
"Is Georgia in or not"
North Carolina vs Duke 4:00 CBS
More than just bragging rights is on the line in Chapel Hill on Sunday. North Carolina needs to win and hope Virginia and Virginia Tech falter in order for the Tar Heels to take the regular season crown. I don't see that happening so it looks like the best Carolina can do is third place. Meanwhile, Duke is in danger of slipping to the number seven seed if Georgia Tech beats Boston College and the Devils can't pull of the upset. Six or seven seed means the difference between playing NC State or Wake in the first round, which is pretty big IMO. Any other buildup needed for this game? Just try that Duke just got swept by Maryland, who they view as their red headed step child, and North Carolina has lost two in a row. I don't think the Tar Heels will lose three in a row. I like UNC in a close, hard fought game.

Virginia Tech vs Clemson 1:00 Ray/Linc Fin
Clemson needed overtime to beat Miami this week - not the message you want to send to the Selection Committee as bubble team. Virginia's Tech regular season title hopes are down the drain after a road loss at Virginia, but they can still fight for the number two spot. Both teams may be the most athletic in the ACC, but the Hokies big advantage lies in their experienced backcourt of Jamon Gordon and Zabian Dowdell. It is also Senior Day in Blacksburg. Any other questions? Virginia Tech rolls in their home finale.

Georgia Tech vs Boston College 3:00 ABC
A huge win for Georgia Tech over North Carolina giving them their second win over a top 15 RPI team. Meanwhile, once the front runner for the ACC, Boston College is fighting to hold onto fourth spot and a first round bye. I think Georgia Tech is trending upward and Boston College is trending downward as we come to a close on the regular season. If Georgia Tech can shoot like they did on Thursday, this game will be over with 5 minutes to go, but I they won't and will have to stay out of foul trouble against a well coached Boston College team. The key will be turnovers and taking advantage of them. Georgia Tech will turn the ball over, but can BC capitalize enough to overcome the athleticism and size advantage of the Yellow Jackets. I like Georgia Tech in a nail biter.

Florida vs Kentucky
To say Florida is going to repeat right now does not look good with the way they have playing. They have let teams beat them at their own game and to me it looks as if they have lost a little bit of that fire. Kentucky, while in the Tournament, is looking for a signature win to bump them up to a 4 or 5 seed come Selection Sunday. Problem is that the Gators have played awfully well at home this year. Maybe Florida has been resting up for the Tournament? Joakim Noah hasn't been resting too well as of late, but it may not all be basketball related. I like Florida at home.

FSU over Miami
Tennessee over Georgia
North Carolina over Duke
Va Tech over Clemson
Georgia Tech over BC
Florida over Kentucky