Friday, January 18, 2008

ACC Weekend Predictions

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech
Paul Hewitt said he expected his team to come out with the same intensity against Virginia Tech as they did against North Carolina on Wednesday in a 1 point loss. Georgia Tech has been able to hang with the top teams this year having lost to three top 10 teams all by less than 5 points, but it is the other game where they have trouble. The key for the Yellow Jackets will be turnovers. If they can have less than 15 turnovers and play with 90% of the intensity they did on Wednesday, they should
win this one. Ga Tech wins this one by 4-8 points.
Prediction: Ga Tech

Clemson @ Duke

The Tigers return to Durham where last year they lost on a controversial clock call late in the game. This Clemson team is better than last year’s but so is Duke’s. So far this year, it looks lke Clemson may give the best run the North Carolina or Duke, but they will not have enough on the road. Duke wins by 8-12
Prediction: Duke

Maryland @ North Carolina
North Carolina escaped Atlanta with a win by a Tyler Hansbrough stitch. I think UNC comes out blazing at home showing they are not 2 points away from 2 ACC losses. Maryland will be made into turtle soup. Carolina wins by 15-20.
Prediction: North Carolina

Season: 12-1
ACC: 6-0

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Expect alot of this from Gary Williams on Saturday

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