Thursday, January 3, 2008

BCS Championship Game Notes - Jan 3

Bo Pellini has acceted the head coaching job at Nebraska, but will be coaching the LSU defense in against Ohio State. Mark Richt did the same thing in 2000 and doesn't think Pellini should do both.

For all of the flack the Big 10 takes, they did have the best record of any conference against BCS teams.

CBS recaps Les Miles crazy play calls this year. Onions!

Ohio State is giving players a DVD full of analysts who are doubting the Buckeyes. So far in the New Years Days Bowls, the good teams who are being undermined are winning. Notice I said good teams, so that doesn't include Arkansas, Hawaii, and Illinois.

Losing last year helps the Buckeyes this year.

Fox Sports attempts to break down the key matchups in the BCS Championship Game.

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