Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Favorite Links of the Week

Another Recruiting vs On The Field Success
The relationship of recruiting and success may be self-evident enough to fall under the heading of “duh studies,” but we are approaching the peak not only of heavy breathing over collections of teenage talent. Here is another link to recruiting successes and failures.

NFL Alumni Team
What would happen if you created an All-Alumni starting lineup of current players NFL players? Which schools would be able to put together the best teams? Here are the top 12 (with one extra) including Tom Brady's Michigan and Peyton Manning's Tennessee.
Warren Sapp is one of the many NFL players from The U

Revisiting SEC Predictions

Here are my SEC predictions at the beginning of the year.

Dana Jacobsen doesn't care for Notre Dame
If they're like me, they couldn't have picked Dana Jacobson from a three-person lineup, of men or women.

Senior Bowl Winners and Losers
It's only a step in a long process, and it does nothing more than set the tone for The Combines, but Senior Bowl week does matter in the jockeying for draft position.Andre Woodson was the showcase QB with Ryan and Brohm not playing

The Orange Bowl is officially gone.

Coaching Hires by Grade

With the dust -- in some cases gold -- mostly settled, Dennis Dodd looks at the 18 Division I-A coaching hires and tells fans of those teams what they have to look forward to. Here were my grades for last year's freshman class of coaches.

OJ Mayo did anything any other college kid would do and has to pay for it.

Duke under the radar?
Duke has been flying under the radar all season, not being mentioned in the same sentence as Kansas or Memphis, and that's just with fine with the Blue Devils, writes Heather Dinich.

Feb 6 is a national holiday in the South
Signing Day is fast approaching. So we went to Scout.com's publishers for the inside scoop on what's been going onJulio Jones is the considering Alabama and Oklahoma among others

Facebook is awesome
A Wake Forest reserve running back has been dismissed from the team after writing on his Facebook page that he would "blow up campus."

Which teams have the most returning starters?
I've always felt this is helpful in forecasting how successful each team may be relative to their previous season. For example, Notre Dame was among the lowest last year in returning starters (8) going into spring practice and we all know how memorable the Irish football season was.

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