Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Day Bowl Thoughts

Rose Bowl
Did anyone catch the shot of the USC bus on ABC when they arrived at the Rose Bowl? I literally thought the bus was going to tip over.

USC has only one weakness and that is covering the deep ball. They debunked the myth that they can't stop mobile QBs.

USC and Georgia would have been a serious, serious game. If they played in the Rose, I would have put USC at -2.

Outback Bowl
The Tennessee offense sputtered for most of the game. I think David Cutcliffe's and WR coach Trooper Taylor's imminent departures did have an effect on the Vols.

Cotton Bowl
It seemed every ball bounced Missouri's way. Every fumble or loose ball bounced right into a Tiger's arms more often than not.

The interview of Bobby Petrino was classic. I don't know he sells to recruits with that personality. I got the feeling there was a lot of tension in that booth especially with Pat Summerall, a former Arkansas player.

Tough way for Darren McFadden to go out... if that is his last game as a Razorback.

Gator Bowl
The stadium was a sea of orange, black, and mostly teal from the empty seats.

The game was probably the best of the day that nobody watched.

Feel bad for the backup UVA QB. Comes in for hurt Jameel Seweel trying to get a first downs to run down the clock and he fumbles inside his own 5.

Capitol One Bowl
Easily the most surprising result of the day. I really didn't think Michigan would pull that one out after two turnovers inside the Florida 5. I thought it would be high scoring, but Florida did not play as well offensively as I thought.

Tim Tebow was obviously thinking about other things than Michigan in that game. Tebow looked slow and a bit timid at times. I think his broken right hand was not feeling well and the Heisman dinner circuit caught up to the sophomore.

The announcers kept mentioning Michigan's defensive coordinator statement of Michigan being an good to avearge tackling team during they and they needed to be great against Florida. This was the key for the defense. I thought Florida would be able to make big plays in space, but the Wolverine defenders closed very well.

The x factor for Michigan was the health of their stars. Chad Henne and Mario Manningham out played Tebow and Percy Harvin. The Michigan offense finally looked like everyone thought it would at the beginning of the year. Chad Henne looked like the Heisman winner, not Tebow.

Florida may have lost their chance at the preseason #1 spot which as we found out this year is very important.

Sugar Bowl
Florida's loss was Georgia's gain in regards to next year. Georgia will definitely be top 5 preseason barring spring injuries.

The curiousity of this game drew a lot of viewers, but it became apparent very early that Hawaii was overmatched physically.

Mark Richt going for it on 4th down late in the game.

Strength of Schedule matters...alot

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