Thursday, January 3, 2008

What I Am Reading

The Bowl All-Suspended Team...

I Am Not Piling on Notre Dame... I swear

Bowls are becoming a losing affair for many schools While those running the bowls are making out like bandits.

Need a recap of the best moments of the season? Here they are!

Now we know why Reggie Bush played so poor this year.

Bobby Bowden didn't like the officiating in the Music City Bowl

Clemson fans say it is all about the Thomas Jefferson's

This kid is being taught early about SEC rivalries.

Kirby Freeman is transferring from Miami leaving the Canes with just 1 QB on scholarship in the Spring. has a great map of each teams roster showing where each player is from. They also have the distances traveled by each team in non-conference play since 1998. The team that has traveled the most, Notre Dame. And the least is Georgia who has traveled less than 400 miles total in 10 seasons, but does play at Arizona St next year.

Three arrested in the assault of UNC football players.

West Virginia names interim coach Bill Stewart as head coach after the Mountaineers stun Oklahoma. I like West Virginia and hope things work out for them, but I can't help but think of Larry Coker.

Clemson and Alabama will meet in the Georgia Dome in 2008. The Dome wants to get an annual intersection matchup going forward.

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