Thursday, March 20, 2008

ACC & SEC Tournament By Round
I have done the first round games for Thursday and Friday for each team in the ACC & SEC. Now I peer into the crystal ball for how each team will fare in each conference for the entire NCAA Tournament by round of elimination.

First Round
14. Georgia
11. Kentucky
8. Mississippi State

Second Round
9. Arkansas
4. Vanderbilt
7. Miami

Sweet 16
2. Tennessee
5. Clemson
2. Duke

Elite 8

Final 4
None (
North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Texas)

Championship Game
North Carolina loses to UCLA 74-68

I may change my picks game by game later, but this is how I am filling out my bracket.

If you are looking for a great statistical method to pick the games. Check out this Engineering Professors page from Georgia Tech. Professor Joel Sokol uses Linear Regression Markov Chain to pick the Tournament. He was written up in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and ESPN last year for his success in picking games.

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