Saturday, March 15, 2008

Georgia Mississippi State Preview and Prediction

E6 Georgia vs W2 Mississippi State 8:30 (approx)
Previous Meetings: Miss State (Home) 60-49
The Georgia Bulldogs' improbable SEC run continues as they are now just 2 wins away from an automatic bid after dispatching Kentucky in OT. However, they are now at a clear disadvantage having already played an OT game earlier in the day while Miss State sat and watched with 24 hours of rest. In the first meeting way back in January, Miss State has 9 blocks and an 18-2 in the 2nd half to lead to victory. UGA does not have great depth usually going just 8 deep. I look for Georgia to come out strong in the first four minutes, but after that first TV timeout their legs could them. Miss State should be able to wear down Georgia in the 2nd half and cruise into the finals.
Prediction: Mississippi State

A little sidebar from the end of the Kentucky Georgia game. Billy Gillespie was very upset at the charging no call on UGA's Albert Jackson. The announcers got into a debate regarding the call and whether or not refs swallow their whistle at the end of the game. I personally do not think it should have been called a foul because Jackson was not gaining an advantage at 94 feet from the basket. I do agree with Tim Brando that some refs call the last minute of the game differently than the first minute of the game and that is wrong. The game should be called the same the entire 40+minutes. I think inconsistency is the main frustration players, coaches, and fans have with basketball refs.

Season: 79-29 (73%)
SEC: 37-15 (73%)

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