Saturday, March 15, 2008

SEC Tournament Moves to Georgia Tech

E6 Georgia vs E2 Kentucky 12:00 PM
The Georgia Kentucky game postponed last night due to weather/facility issues has been rescheduled for today at Noon. This game and the rest of the SEC Tournament will be played at Georgia Tech just up the road. As you can see from the image, Tech's coliseum does not hold nearly the amount of the Georgia Dome and per the SEC only families and working media will be allowed inside. "Catlanta" will now take to the streets! See my preview of the game here.

E1 Tennessee vs W2 Arkansas 6:00 PM
Previous Meetings: Tenn (Home) 93-71
Both of these teams will have a longer layoff than anticipated due to the rescheduling of games. Tennessee dominated the only meeting of the year way back in January. I would think Arkansas is in the NCAAT now, but a win over Tennessee would definitely put them in. I think Tennessee had their big scare of the SEC Tournament against a lesser team yesterday. For Arkansas to win, they need to make this a half court game and force the Vols to run a half court offense. Having a 7 footer like Hill in the middle becomes very important in the half court, but not so much in transition. However, I like Tennessee's depth and 3 point shooting to overtake Arkansas in the second half and win.
Prediction: Tennessee

Georgia/Kentucky Winner vs W1 Mississippi State 8:30 PM
As soon as the Georgia/Kentucky game ends, I will have a preview up of this game.

I imagine the SEC and Georgia Dome officials do not feel the Georgia Dome is safe for 30,000+fans today or tomorrow to play the games. Phillips Arena where the Hawks and Thrashers play is right next door and likely sustained damage as well and has an event tonight. Another storm front will be moving through Atlanta today and you could see the wind blowing into the Dome last night after the storm hit during the Alabama/Miss St game. There is a lot of damage downtown around the Dome and there is still some confusion whether or not it was a tornado or not. Check here for news and pictures related to the storm. I can only tell you from here in Midtown Atlanta that it was raining very hard, windy, and then started hailing. Then all of a sudden the rain stopped, the hail stopped and it got real quiet all of a sudden.... almost like the center of the storm was passing over.

Season: 79-28 (74%)
SEC: 37-14 (74%)

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