Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Final 4 Lines

Lines are up for the Final 4 with no real surprises. Most of the bests come within 24 hrs of the games so it will be interesting to see if the lines move significantly on game day.

Current: Memphis -2.5, -140 vs UCLA +2.5, +120
Open: Memphis -2, -130 vs UCLA +2, +110
Money is moving towards Memphis and who can argue with how they played last weekend. If Memphis plays at that level again then they will be very tough to beat. I think some are concerned with UCLA's ability to score points against a top team.

Current: North Carolina -3.5, -165 vs Kansas +3.5, +145
Open: North Carolina -3, -155 vs Kansas +3, +155
Money is also moving to North Carolina and I agree. Kansas did not impress me last week. I think the pressure on Bill Self works against the Jayhawks.

People love favorites and I expect if the lines are going to move anymore it would be more towards the favorites.

Odds to win NCAA Championship: North Carolina 8-5 Memphis 3-1 Kansas 3-1 UCLA 3-1 These have not moved since opening. I am a little surprised Memphis isn't a 5-2 favorite with how they played last weekend.

Tyler Hansbrough, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose are the top 3 faves for Final 4 MVP.

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