Thursday, April 3, 2008

North Carolina Kansas Prediction

Final 4
San Antonio, TX
1. North Carolina vs 1.Kansas 8:47 PM ET
This match up has been in the making since the 2003 Championship Game when after losing to Syracuse,
then Kansas coach Roy Williams uttered the now famous words - "I could give two s&*ts about North Carolina
right now" when asked about taking the vacant Tar Heel position. A few weeks later, Williams made the move to
his alma mater. Just in case you forgot.

Here is why North Carolina will win:
1. They have the best player on the floor - Tyler Hansbrough
2. They have a better PG - Ty Lawson - who can break presses on his own
3. They have the better coach - Roy Williams
4. Kansas' play will reflect their coach Bill Self = tight. He has much more to lose than Roy.
5. UNC played the best of all 4 teams left throughout the Tournament. They played extremely well after the
first weekend, came back after a 4 day layoff and picked up right where they left off. Memphis only
played well last weekend.
6. They can win playing their style (vs Arkansas) or their opponents style (vs Washington State)

How can Kansas win?
1. Play to win, play loose. Don't play like your coaches job is on the line because it's not

2. Get Hansbrough in foul trouble
3. Brandon Rush has the standout performance we have been waiting 4 years for.

I have been very impressed so far with North Carolina and not so impressed with Kansas. The highest seed the
Jayhawks have beaten is a 9 seed and they were outplayed by #10 Davidson last Sunday. The Tar Heels have
too much inside with Hansbrough and too much speed in the backcourt.
North Carolina 86 Kansas 78

Other Semifnal...
I picked UCLA in the beginning and even though Memphis looks very tempting, I will stick with the Bruins... for now.

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