Monday, May 26, 2008

Darren McFadden - Good Guy or Bad Guy?

I read an article in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated about Darren McFadden and his story leading up to the NFL Draft. McFadden, who ranks as the 2nd all time rusher in SEC history, was the subject of much debate for NFL Teams. When you read this article you will understand more about Darren McFadden and the person he is on and off the field.

The most interesting topic I found in the story is how much depth NFL teams go into a player's background and what lengths they go to to get this information.
"While none of the team executives contacted by SI would speak on the record about the extent to which McFadden's background has been probed by interested clubs, several G.M.'s did say that, in general, the research will track a prospect as far back as middle school to determine patterns of behavior. Investigators talk to a player's former teachers, counselors, coaches and girlfriends. One prominent agent says regional scouts will even go into campus bars, posing as fanatical school alums, and chat up bartenders and other patrons to snoop out stories that might not have made the newspaper."
This story presents another side of Darren McFadden that many do not know. I hope McFadden does well in the NFL and I will be rooting for him.

SI Story

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