Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pre Season Top 10 Poll

My first top 10 poll of the year. I call it a pre season poll, but this is how I feel the teams will be ranked on that Monday after the conference championships (Dec 8). Isn't that how "pre season" polls should be?

1. USC
The Trojans have cured their jock itch but an itch to return to the BCS Championship still burns. If they dodge Ohio State on Sept 13, the Trojans have relatively smooth sailing the rest of the way.

2. Georgia
Georgia will be able to navigate through their ridiculous schedule relatively unscathed. They will be afforded a slip up because of where they start and the teams they will beat along the way.

3. Ohio State
The Buckeyes are better than 11 of the 12 twelve teams they face and the 12th is debatable. If they come out of LA with a win they have the easiest path to Miami.

4. Florida
The Gators showdown with Georgia could mean the difference between playing in New Orleans or Miami. Tebow's health will determine where Florida finishes. Finishing this high means UF is almost a lock for a BCS Bowl.

5. Oklahoma
The Sooners are national title contenders themselves. I think they win the Big 12, but will have a loss or two on the way there.

6. Clemson
The Tigers will get a bump after their ACC Championship Game win to #6. They are equal to or better than everyone they play, but it is hard not to think they won't have a bad game somewhere keeping away from the national title.

7. West Virginia
The Mountaineers will look similar to how Miami did in Larry Coker's first year. But I think they may be in for a drop in '09 after Pat White leaves and Bill Stewart really get his handle on the program.

8. Illinois
The Fighting Illini are my surprise team of '08. They did get thumped in the Rose Bowl, but they got to a BCS game in only Zook's third year. They have Ohio State at home and could be looking for a second straight upset.

9. Missouri
Missouri takes a slight drop after a second consecutive Big 12 Championship Game loss to Oklahoma. But they don't get left out of the BCS two years in a row.

10. Auburn
Similar story to Missouri here as Auburn will fall slightly after an SEC Championship loss. By my count, Auburn makes five teams using the spread offense in my top 10.

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