Sunday, November 16, 2008

ACC Power Rankings After Week 12

Another crazy Saturday (and Thursday) where the ACC got more confusing. If anyone knows the tiebreaks, please let me know. I think if Maryland wins out they win the Atlantic. If Miami wins out they win the Coastal. So here goes nothing...

"Destiny Controllers" (Tier I)
Maryland, Miami

I Want to Win the Division, But Just Can't Make up My Mind (Tier II)
Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Boston College

If I Could Stop Losing To Bottom Feeders I Could Win The Division (Tier III)
Wake Forest, Clemson

Bottom Feeders Though I Could Beat Anyone In the ACC or Lose to A Southern Conf Team (Tier IV)
NC State, Duke

Last Week: 3-2 ATS, 4-1 SU
Season: 28-18-2 ATS, 32-16 SU

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