Monday, November 3, 2008

ACC Rankings After Week 10

I have given up on trying to rank the ACC from 1-12. Too many teams beat each other one week, then lose the next week. 11 teams are still alive for and ACC Championship Game berth. The Coastal Division is especially interesting. Virginia beats Georgia Tech, then loses to Miami. Georgia Tech beats FSU, but has already lost to Va Tech and UVA. Va Tech loses to FSU and BC, and still has Miami and UVA left. Miami lost two games early, but controls its destiny after beating UVA, but still has VT and GT as well as NC State. North Carolina lost to the Virginia schools, but beat Miami and has GT at home this week. Try to figure all of those tiebreakers out! I believe Va Tech and Miami control their destiny and they meet Nov 13 in Miami. So here goes my politically correct rankings.

Tier I (in no particular order)
Georgia Tech, Maryland, Virginia, FSU, Miami, Virginia Tech, North Carolina

Tier II
Wake Forest, Boston College, Clemson

Tier III
Duke, NC State

Last Week: 0-4 ATS, 1-3 SU
Season: 23-13-2 ATS, 24-14 SU

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