Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clemson-Virginia Highlights ACC & SEC Undercard

We will be looking at Georgia Tech-Miami, Maryland – FSU in the ACC and LSU – Ole Miss, and Tennessee – Vanderbilt in the SEC this week, so lets take a look at the other game around the SEC and ACC this weekend.

Florida vs Citadel
The Gators will not win this one by as much as they beat South Carolina leading The Citadel to proclaim they are better than their big brother in Colombia. Still, Florida should roll with backups.

Florida 48 Citadel 6

Miss State vs Arkansas
The cellar of the SEC West in on the line here! Arkansas had a bye week last week. I will go with the Razorbacks in a mild upset.

Arkansas 27 Miss State 24

Wake Forest vs Boston College
I knew I had missed a team on the “destiny controllers” and that was BC. They have 3 ACC losses but still play Wake and Maryland and have already beaten FSU so that is how they have it. Wake has been uncharacteristically careless with the ball this year and has really been hurt by the injury to K Sam Swank. But BC is just as hard to figure out so flip a coin here.

Wake Forest 20 Boston College 17

Clemson vs Virginia
Surprisingly, Clemson still has a possibility to go to a bowl this year, but has to beat Virginia in Charlottesville. The Cavaliers have dropped two in a row after ripping off four straight previously. The Tigers played their best game of the year last week, but it was against Duke…who beat Virginia who beat Maryland who beat North Carolina who beat Miami who controls their destiny in the Coastal Division. The ACC is that crazy, but I digress.

Virginia 23 Clemson 20

Virginia Tech vs Duke
I think Duke has been officially eliminated from an ACC title, but could still go to a bowl if they win out. Virginia Tech is undefeated at home this year and that will not change.

Virginia Tech 27 Duke 7

North Carolina vs NC State
The Tar Heels had their chance to really take control of the Coastal Division and had it slip through their hands at Maryland. NC State has won two straight and is looking to sweep the state after beating Wake and Duke. The Heels have the better team and just need to convert third downs better this week.

North Carolina 31 NC State 17

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