Monday, November 10, 2008

Ranking the ACC After Week 11

Last week, I took a weenie approach and put ACC teams into three categories. We saw the picture clear a little bit, but is still looks a lot like those crazy pictures in those mall booths were if you stare hard enough you can see Jesus or something like that - I never got it.

Good Chance of Playing in Tampa (Group I)
North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Wake Forest

Tampa=Unlikely...Meineke Car Care=Definite Possibility (Group II)
Miami, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Maryland

Boise Is Nice Come December (Group III)
Boston College, Clemson

I Told You Duke Was on Par with NC State Last Week And They Proved It (Group IV)
NC State, Duke

Top 11 in the SEC and ACC After Week 11
1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Georgia
4. LSU
5. North Carolina
6. Virginia Tech
7. South Carolina
8. FSU
9. Wake Forest
10. Kentucky
11. Georgia Tech

Last Week: 2-3 ATS, 4-1 SU
Season: 25-16-2 ATS, 28-15 SU

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