Monday, November 10, 2008

Thoughts On Alabama-LSU, UGA-Kentucky, GT-UNC and more

Lets start from the beginning last week and the VT win over Maryland on Thursday night. Beamer pulled a fast one and started Sean Glennon at QB though he might as well started me because all the Hokies did was hand the ball to Darren Evans and watch him run. And all Maryland did was get run over by Evans. I thought a key would be if Maryland could run on a stout Hokie D and they could not as leading ACC rusher Da'rel Scott was a non-factor. The Hokies control their own destiny in the muddled ACC Coastal, but will face a tough test in Miami this Thursday on the road.

Clemson hung around with FSU for most of the game but succumb to a lack of defense and a little bit of bad luck late. Jacoby Ford caught a pass at the goal line late to bring Clemson to within 1 score, but since his helmet popped off on the one inch line, the play was reviewed and blown dead there causing Clemson to run more plays and more time off the clock. CJ Spiller is a play maker, but he can't do much about a weak armed QB or a weak offensive line.

Georgia and Kentucky was a fantastic game to watch with no defense (or special teams on UGA's part) played. I must have missed it, but evidently Prince Miller sprinted into his own end zone on a punt return and ran it out to his own 3. Anyways, Matt Stafford had one of the best if not the best game of his career and Knowhon Moreno went for 100. So yes, the Bulldogs were able to run on Kentucky. A glaring weakness displayed by UGA was the ability to stop the mobile Randall Cobb of Kentucky. The freshman gave Georgia's defense fits and sans the late INT played a near perfect game for such a youngster.

North Carolina dominated Georgia Tech on the offensive and defensive lines. The young Tech line, playing two new starters for the season and three who have only started this season were over matched by DT's Cam Thomas and Marvin Austin. UNC was able to take advantage of GT turnovers as well to pour it on late 28-7. UNC did not turn the ball over at all and I thought turnovers would be the big key in this one. North Carolina looks like the best team in the ACC to me. However, they need to win out and have VT lose one to be in Tampa. Georgia Tech will have to go back to the practice field and try not to fall into another late season swoon seen under the previous regime.

And now the big one in Baton Rouge. LSU earned a lot of respect from me by the way they fought with big, bad Alabama. I come out higher on LSU and lower on Alabama than I did before the game. Alabama basically had 12 defenders with LSU QB Jarrett Lee completing about as many passes to Alabama DBs as LSU WRs. LSU was able to run very successfully on Alabama like no other team had. The Tigers were able to match strength on strength vs the Tide. But you still have to give Alabama credit for going on the road and winning in a very hostile environment. John Parker Wilson did not make the boneheaded mistake he would have in his first three seasons. I would love to see Alabama and Texas Tech match up in a bowl just for the offensive philosophy matchup - smash mouth vs pitch it 5o times a game. And just in case you didn't think there were any hard feelings after LSU vs Alabama, check out this jewel of a story.

Last Week: 2-3 ATS, 4-1 SU
Season: 25-16-2 ATS, 28-15 SU

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