Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 Questions for Florida-SEC Championship Week

The Gators are arguably the hottest team in the nation. Florida has not been challenged since they lost 31-30 to Ole Miss on a blocked extra point. Still, they must beat an undefeated Alabama team led by Nick Saban. With all the good times recently, Florida still has some questions they must answer to win Saturday.

1. How healthy is Percy Harvin?

We know how Harvin deals with pain and injuries and it is not well. If Harvin is not playing then the Gators lose their best playmaker and a huge difference maker.

2. Can Florida run on Alabama’s defense?

Nobody else has been able to consistently run on the Tide, but Florida brings a very strong running game to Atlanta. We have a contrast in styles here though with the Gators using speed on the outside mostly and ‘Bama using muscle on the inside.

3. What happens when Florida gets punched in the mouth?

Seriously? This has not happened since the Ole Miss game. Florida has not been threatened since that loss. Tim Tebow is a warrior, but everyone has a plan until they get hit.

4. Can Brandon James steal points in the return game?

This could be where the game is won or lost. Javier Arenas is a good returner for Alabama, but James is in a class all his own. His punt returns can spark a rally or break a game open.

Last Week: 2-7-1 ATS, 6-4 SU
Season: 31-28-3 ATS, 40-22 SU

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