Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coaching Carousels of the ACC and SEC

Just some general comments on coaching moves around the ACC and SEC only going to the head coach and coordinator level. I don’t really care if your running back coach is interviewing for the Eastern Kentucky job. Let me know if I missed some.


They might lose Pat Nix (OC) to Auburn, but Cane fans may rejoice at this

Florida State
Auburn is pursuing FSU coach in waiting Jimbo Fisher, but Lowder would need to get on that auto bailout to pay for his buyout and salary

Georgia Tech
Auburn reportedly offered Paul Johnson who said no thanks

Hired interim coach Dabo Swinney for full time duty with not much financial risk. Some are calling it a Bill Stewart-esque hire, but Swinney had half a season to prove himself. Def Coordinator is gone. He was last seen in an Escalade in South Alabama with a “JULIO #8” plate.

Al Groh fired his son (OC). Christmas should fun.


Just lost OC Dan Mullen to Miss State. I guess he thinks this is his chance to get a head coaching gig, but no one has won in Starkville consistently without cheating through their teeth. I would have stayed.


DC Willie Martinez is still employed.

Lane Kiffin has never been a head coach, but he can recruit…did you see his wife? You have to be able to recruit at Tennessee. The Vols started going downhill when Mark Richt cut off the Atlanta pipeline to Knoxville.

Lane Kiffin has a great track record in recruiting in case you need proof

Tubs was fired. I said it. His Mom said it so it must be true. Auburn has interviewed everyone from Turner Gill to Andy Rooney. Whoever steps into this job needs to know they are just a puppet for the Board of Trustees and Auburn Boosters.

Miss State
Evidently they have hired Dan Mullen. I hope he does well, but I just don’t think he will. Tough to get kids qualified academically and you have two other Division I teams in the state. Not to mentioned the rest of the SEC coming in to cherry pick.

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