Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Leans on the ACC Bowl Game Lines

Some first impressions on the bowl game lines. Underdogs usually do pretty well because they have had about a month of hearing how bad they are and how good the other team is. You always have some teams who feel they got left out and our not interested in being there. And throw in some lame duck or interim coaches and a lot of money can be won or lost in bowl games.

Navy vs Wake Forest -3
Wake is a 3 point favorite to a team they lost to at home earlier this season. And this game is being played in Washington DC. Hmmmm…

West Virginia vs North Carolina Pick
Seems about right. West Virginia has better talent, but UNC will have close to a home game in Charlotte. Slight lean to UNC right now though.

Wisconsin vs Florida State -5
The Badgers are not a very good football team and are here because they travel well. Lean FSU right now.

Miami vs Cal -7
Cal will be playing miles from their campus and Miami will be playing thousands of miles from their. Miami had a disappointing end to their season and guys don’t come to Miami to play in the Emerald Bowl. Early lean to Cal.

NC State vs Rutgers -7
Wolfpack are playing really well and had a tougher schedule down the stretch than Rutgers who is also on a winning streak. That BC bowl winning streak was mostly done by Tom O’Brien. Lean NC State

Maryland vs Nevada -1.5
Line started out as a pick’em and moved towards Nevada. It is tough for an ACC team to go out to Boise and play. Nevada has a really good running game. Lean Nevada.

Vanderbilt vs Boston College -4
Vandy is in this game because of their first half, not their second half. Lean to BC, especially if Chris Crane is going to play.

LSU vs Georgia Tech -4
GT will be playing right down the road from their campus. LSU’s only motivation is to end a disappointing season on a high note. Early lean to GT.

Nebraska vs Clemson -2.5
Neither of these teams deserves to be here on merit, but they do bring a ton of fans. But I don’t think Nebraska is that good of a team. When they went up against bowl teams they got waxed a couple of times. Lean Clemson.

Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati -1.5
VT’s performance in last year’s Orange Bowl is playing a part in this line. I think Cincy is a pretty good team and the Chokie Hokies will have a tough time. Lean Bearcats.

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