Saturday, December 13, 2008

Early Leans on the SEC Bowl Game Lines

Some first impressions on the bowl game lines for the SEC. I looked over the ACC a few days ago so now lets look at the SEC. To give you an idea what cache the SEC has in bowl season, their first games are not until Dec 31. Usually the later the bowl, the bigger it is. Though this season the SEC has underwhelmed us with its selections and it could be a rough post season.

Vanderbilt vs Boston College -4
Vandy is in this game because of their first half, not their second half. Lean to BC Cover, especially if Chris Crane is going to play.

LSU vs Georgia Tech -4
GT will be playing right down the road from their campus. LSU’s only motivation is to end a disappointing season on a high note. Early lean to GT Cover.

Michigan State vs Georgia -7.5
This line started out at -6 but has already jumped to -7.5. Georgia clearly has the talent advantage here against a one-dimensional (albeit a very good dimension) Sparty Offense. If the Bulldogs want to finish off their season of lofty expectations on a high note then they shouldn't have much trouble. Early Lean Georgia cover.

South Carolina vs Iowa -3.5
The Gamecocks at 7-5 in a New Years Day Bowl shows how down the SEC was in 2008. Iowa is a team that struggled early on, but came on late big including a win over Penn State. The Gamecocks have to solve their QB woes before I could give them the nod here. Early Lean Iowa Cover.

Utah vs Alabama -10.5
The Tide had aspirations of a BCS Championship but instead are playing the Utes in the Sugar Bowl. Utah doesn't have the size to compete with Alabama, but they do run a similar offense to Florida. As of now, I am thinking Utah will give the Tide a game. Early Lean is Utah Cover.

Kentucky vs East Carolina -2
A little surprised here to see East Carolina favored here with their up and down season. Also, Skip Holtz has been interviewing around but it appears he may be holding out for the Notre Dame job when it opens next season [cough] as he turned down Syracuse. Kentucky should bring a bunch of fans to Memphis. Early lean to Kentucky Cover, but this one could easily change.

Ole Miss vs Texas Tech -5.5
Classic match up of contrasting styles. I like Mike Leach's offense with a month to prepare for the Rebels. Early lean to Texas Tech Cover.

Oklahoma vs Florida -3
I have to admit I am rooting for Florida big time in this game because I think Texas should be here. But also with a month to prepare I think the defenses will play a big part in this game and Florida has the better of those two units. Early Lean to a Florida Cover.

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