Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 Questions for Alabama - SEC Championship Week

Alabama is #1 in the country and undefeated. Yet they will face their toughest test on Saturday against Florida. Lets take a look at some of the questions Nick Saban and the Tide must answer on Saturday if they are going to be SEC Champs.

1. Can Alabama keep Florida’s offense off the field?

The best way I have seen to stop Florida’s offense the second half of the season is to just keep them off the field. Alabama will need to have a punishing ground game to eat some clock.

2. Can Terrance Cody create havoc on the defensive line?

Cody probably came back a little early from his knee injury, but they needed him on the d-line. Now he looks to be back to 100% after his performance in the Iron Bowl. His presence in the middle could be what is needed to slow Florida down. Any good offense will be slowed by pressure from the d-line

3. Can the Alabama Secondary hang with Florida’s skill players?

Alabama has a great defense, but they have not seen skill position players like this all year. Florida has speed at every position and will spread you out.

4. Is John Parker Wilson going to finally have “that game”?

The thing holding JPW back his first three seasons was the bone head plays he would make from time to time. The senior has played nearly flawless in the big game this season, but you have to wonder if that bad game is lurking somewhere.

Last Week: 2-7-1 ATS, 6-4 SU
Season: 31-28-3 ATS, 40-22 SU

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