Monday, December 22, 2008

What is Andy Kennedy Doing Out At 1 AM?

Last week, Ole Miss Head Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy was arrested in Cincinnati at 1:15 AM for simple assault after an incident with a cab driver. Later that day, Kennedy's Ole Miss club was to play in the SEC/Big East Challenge against a formidable Louisville team, a game they lost. I have to ask - what is a Division I Head Coach doing out at 1 AM the night before a game?

Kennedy does have ties to the city of Cincinnati having spent 5 years as former Bearcats coach Bob Huggins top assistant and took over for Huggins after he resigned.
"I want to speak to that a little bit, because again, I know this is being portrayed as SEC coaches gone wild," Kennedy said. "I lived in Cincinnati for five years, I've got some friends in that area. We went — and the whole staff was not out the entire time — I went to meet some friends from the Cincinnati area. We had dinner. We then met some other friends at an establishment." The Ole Miss coach explains why he was out at such a time by saying who uses the word "establishment" for a place they should be at?

Andy Kennedy wants everyone to hold off on judgement

Kennedy is now suing the cab driver who pressed the charges as well as a valet who is a witness to the incident. I don't know what happened. I don't know if Kennedy is guilty or not. Right now he is innocent, until proven guilty. I just want to know why he is out at an "establishment" at 1 AM the night before a big game? Who was watching the players because evidently the entire staff was out with him? How does Kennedy go and tell his team about not breaking curfew and staying out of trouble when he is at bars at 1AM? I know Kennedy is entitled to a life and he can have fun like everyone else. But he has to realize he is a celebrity of sorts and a role model for 18-22 year old men.

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