Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Final Top 10 Ranking

Lots of controversy to end the season regarding who is #1. Florida won the BCS Championship under the system we have and the Gators are certainly one of the top teams in college football if not the best. But fans from Utah, USC, and Texas all have a gripe of sorts under the current system in place. Utah's Attorney General is going to sue the BCS, Texas fans still know 45 is greater than 35, and Rey Maualuga is just dancing the night away.

Here is my final Top 5 if I am not ruffling any feathers:

1. Florida
They did win the BCS Championship

2. Texas
They were #3 and won their bowl game

3. USC
Looked good in their Rose Bowl win

4. Utah
That Sugar Bowl was mighty sweet for mighty mouse

5. Oklahoma
Gave Florida a good run, but not quite enough

USC makes big time teams a speed bump

Now here is my top 5 if I am in Vegas:

1. USC
Best team in college football on the big stage

2. Florida
Would really give USC a run for their money

3. Texas
They did beat Oklahoma by 10 points right?

4. Oklahoma
Just a small step behind elites in athleticism

5. Utah
Good in one game, but put them up against a BCS conference schedule every week

Fire away!

Bowls: 8-8 ATS, 7-9 SU
Season: 39-38-3 ATS, 48-32 SU

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