Monday, January 19, 2009

ACC Basketball Rankings January 19

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Contrary to the SEC's pitiful state, ACC basketball is as good as it has been in about 10 years. After getting the snide from the NCAA Tournament the past few season (and letting more Big 10 teams in than ACC despite the results of the Big10/ACC "Challenge"), the ACC is poised to have two #1 seeds and another very highly seeded team.

1. Wake Forest
I doubted the Deacons last week, but no more after their two impressive wins

2. Duke
Could Duke beat Wake right now? I don't know and Coach K wants to know why?

Source: Raleigh News Observer

3. North Carolina
Pretty good when the team some thought would go undefeated is #3 in your conference

4. Clemson
Frustration was apparent in the Tigers first loss of the season

5. Florida State
Big dropoff from #3 to #4, but FSU is set up to break their NCAA drought this year

6. Miami
The Hurricanes played the Tar Heels tough on the road and Jack McClinton may be the best guard in the conference

7. Virginia Tech
Seth Greenberg keeps it going despite a young team

8. Boston College
The glitz of the UNC win is starting to fade with the Eagles recent performances

9. Maryland

10. NC State

11. Virginia

12. Georgia Tech
At least you have next year's recruiting class to look forward to. Sorry you still have the same coach though

Most Impressive Team: Wake Forest
Least Impressive Team: Virginia
Coach on the Hot Seat: Dave Leito, Virginia
NCAA Tournament Teams: Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina, Clemson, FSU, Miami

Season: 5-3 SU

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