Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tebow Outplays Bradford: Florida 24 Oklahoma 14

It's all over. The college football season is over and the Florida Gators are the BCS National Champions by virtue of a 24-14 win over the Oklahoma Sooners. I know Sooner fans, its ok. Big Game Bob will have you back soon. Oklahoma always gets the benefit of the doubt from the BCS and has lost each time they did. See 2003 (over USC), 2004 (over Auburn), and now 2008 (over Texas). I am sad too at the end of the college football season.

Lets take a look back at the BCS Championship and what the keys to victory were.

I said the 3 keys would be
1. Sam Bradford vs Tim Tebow: Who would Play Better?

Final Stats:
Tebow 18-30, 231 yds, 2TD, 2INT, 109 rush yards, 133 rating

Bradford 26-41, 256 yards, 2TD, 2INT, -18 rush yards, 122 rating

The Heisman jink continues! Tebow came up large in the 4th quarter while Bradford had arguably his worst game of the season.

2. Pass Rush: Who would get pressure on the QBs?

Final Stats:
Florida Defense 2 sacks for -18 yards

Oklahoma Defense 0 sacks

3. Turnovers

Florida 2
Oklahoma 2

But Oklahoma was also stopped on 4th and goal turning the ball over to Florida for what equated to a 3rd turnover.

Other Observations:

Florida greatly helped their cause with their red zone defense and 3rd down completion percentage which was an astounding 71%. The Gators out gained Oklahoma by 117 yards and had 249 yards rushing.

And now for a tribute to the 2008 season with a highlight video from Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Bowls: 8-8 ATS, 7-9 SU
Season: 39-38-3 ATS (51%), 48-32 SU (60%)

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