Monday, January 19, 2009

SEC Basketball Rankings January 19

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About that time of year. Time to start ranking the teams each week. Basketball is a very fluid ranking with teams winning and losing to teams all over the rankings. Right now, I think the SEC would get just 4 teams into the NCAA Tournament. The state of the conference is basketball right now may be at an all time low. But here it is...

1. Florida

Only because I could not rank Tim Tebow #1

2. Kentucky
Is the early season bad loss followed up by impressive conference wins a Billy Gillespie trait?

3. Tennessee
Good offense, but bad defense is surprising for a Bruce Pearl club

4. Arkansas
Non conference is great, conference games not so great

5. LSU

Looked good in 32 point demolishing of Ole Miss

6. Miss State

Off to a fast start in the SEC at 3-0, but non conference schedule hurts them

7. Ole Miss

8. South Carolina

9. Vanderbilt

10. Auburn

11. Alabama

At least theres spring football around the corner

12. Georgia
Is it time for Dennis Felton to go?
AJC's Mark Bradley asks this question

Most Impressive Team This Week: Kentucky

Least Impressive Team This Week: Georgia

Coach on the Hot Seat: Dennis Felton, Georgia

NCAA Tournament Teams: Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas

Season: 5-3 SU

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  1. I love NCAA College Basketball. Can't wait to place my bets.


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