Monday, February 23, 2009

SEC Basketball Rankings February 23rd

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As the weeks until Selection Sunday become fewer and fewer, the SEC is making a stronger case for getting more than the four teams many pundits are currently saying they will into the Tournament.

LSU could finish the SEC conference season 13-3 or even 14-2! The next three after are all good teams and haven't done a whole to separate themselves from each other but I give the nod to South Carolina this week. Stay tuned.

1. LSU
The Tigers have won 8 in a row. Two huge games this week though will shape their NCAA seed a lot.

2. South Carolina
I wavered a little bit on putting the Gamecocks here because of their close wins of late, but they have won them all which is more than most teams can say.

3. Kentucky
UK looked dominant against Tennessee on Saturday. If they stay healthy and get that kind of team production (i.e. outside of Meeks and Patterson) watch out in the NCAA Tournament.

4. Florida
The Gators season comes down to the next four games and they are all winnable or all losable.

5. Mississippi State

6. Ole Miss
Andy Kennedy has done a fine job this year even with all the injuries, altercations with cabbies, and lack of sex

7. Auburn
Don't look now, but Auburn is 6-6 in the SEC and you never know in the conference tournament.

8. Tennessee
This team needs a serious run to make the NCAA Tournament now even with that tough schedule in their favor.

9. Vanderbilt

10. Alabama

11. Arkansas

12. Georgia
Still can't believe they beat Florida.

Top Games This Week:
Florida at LSU Tue
Kentucky at South Carolina Wed
LSU at Kentucky Sat

Season: 19-16 SU through 2/22

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