Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament Facts

Thought I would pass along some interesting tidbits about the NCAA Tournament. The three week spectacle has even the curious college basketball fan trying to figure how to win their office pool.

Mike Krzyzewski leads active coaches in winning percentage with at least 10 Tournament games (69-21 .767). Billy Donovan, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, and Tom Izzo round out the top 5. Temple's Fran Dunphy has a 1-10 all time record.
Active Coaches Tournament Records

Wikipedia has all you could ever want to know about the Tournament. Wonder how #1 ranked Louisville will fare? Just six teams have entered the Tournament ranked #1 and won the championship with the most recent being Florida in 2007.

The Championship Game has matched #1 seeds only six times, but has done so three of the past four years.

At least one #1 seed has made the Final 4 except 1980 and 2006 (George Mason's run).

The teams with the higher seeds usually win. The #7 seed has beaten the #10 seed 62% but the #8 seed has only beaten the #9 seed 46%.
Wikipedia NCAA Tournament Page

The Big East leads all conferences in all time bids (including all current members all time bids) with 355. The ACC is second with 223. The SEC is fifth with 200.

Kentucky leads all schools with 50 bids, followed by UCLA with 43 and North Carolina with 41. Binghamton, Stephen F Austin, Morgan State, and North Dakota State are making their first bid ever in 2009.
Bids by School

Duke has the best all time winning percentage at .748 followed closely by UCLA at .736. North Carolina checks in at .711 and relative newcomer Florida is .707 all time. Kentucky has played the most games all time with 145 winning 100.
All Time Record By School

UCLA has the most Final 4 appearances all time with 18 followed by North Carolina's 17 and Duke's 14. The three teams with the most Tournament appearances all time without a Final 4 are in this year's field. BYU (24), Missouri (22), and Xavier (20).
Final 4 Triumph and Futility

Bubbles Teams like St. Mary's, Auburn, Creighton, and Penn State are feeling the sting of being left out. The Gaels tied for the most wins all time without a bid at 26. Utah State in 2005 had just 3 losses but was left out of the field. And Davidson in 2005 missed out on the field after a perfect conference record because they tripped up in their conference Tournament.
Biggest Bubble Burstings

So there is just about every fact that you would want to know about the NCAA Tournament. Not that any of it will help you in your bracket. Just pick the teams with the best colors.

Season: 40-29 SU through 3/15


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  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Michigan State has just reached the championship game by defeating two #1 seeds. Has any team ever won the championship by defeating three #1 seeds?


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