Friday, April 17, 2009

College Baseball Regional Projections: ACC, SEC Looking Strong

Updated 5/21: Regional Projections as of May 21

The College Baseball Blog has updated Regional Projections from April 16. They have Cal State-Fullerton as the top seed with Arkansas (3), Miami (5), North Carolina (6), LSU (7), and Georgia Tech (8) also in the top 8 seeds. The top 8 typically host Super Regionals if they advance.

Other ACC and SEC teams hosting Regionals are Georgia (paired with GT) and Clemson (paired with LSU). The ACC has 7 teams total and the SEC 9 teams.

SE Baseball’s latest projections from 4/14 differ somewhat with Georgia as a top 8 seed and Miami and North Carolina dropping out of the top 8 into the top 16 range.

Warren has a baseball RPI out and Georgia Tech is #1 with the ACC rated as the #1 conference and the SEC as #2.

SEC Weekend Preview from the College Baseball Blog
First place Georgia hosts second place Arkansas this weekend.

ACC Weekend Preview
Miami travels to North Carolina this weekend for a match up of top 10 teams.



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