Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Regional Review and Super Regionals Preview

The College Baseball Blog was kind enough to do another Q & A looking back at the Regionals from this past weekend and forward to the Super Regionals this weekend.

We talk about the two ACC vs SEC Super Regional matchups, what went wrong for Georgia and Georgia Tech this year, and if LSU and UNC are still their favorites.

Q: What Regional winner surprised you the most?

A: The obvious answer would be Southern Miss winning the Atlanta Regional but GT had been struggling all season after Deck McGuire and really didn’t have that strong of a staff.

Q: What non-winner surprised you the most in defeat?

A: I thought UC-Irvine would play better at their home stadium but they really couldn’t handle the strong Cavaliers squad.

Q: Who do you like in each of the ACC vs SEC matchups: Florida State vs Arkansas; Ole Miss vs Virginia?

A: I think FSU will be able to take Arkansas this weekend. The Virginia series is going to be interesting as Ole Miss needs to get to the Cavs pitching rotation and get to the middle of the bullpen. If UVA only uses their starter and closer, then Ole Miss is in trouble.

Q: Georgia Tech lost another home regional. Do you think the Yellow Jackets are underachieving under Danny Hall?

A: I think the Yellow Jackets need to get some quality arms in their program instead of always focusing on the offensive side of things. Good pitching will always beat Good hitting.

Q: The Georgia Bulldogs were ranked #1 in the polls early in the season for multiple weeks. What can the downfall be attributed to?

A: I think it can be attributed to a less then stellar out of conference schedule which inflated their record and got everyone drinking the “Kool-Aid.” Georgia went out to Arizona for a three game set and swept the Wildcats but as we all know Arizona was not an NCAA Tourney team this year.

Q: Was it surprising how easily Florida went through their regional with Miami and a strong Bethune-Cookman staff?

A: Cookman gave Florida a run for the money as the Gators needed a three run bottom of the ninth to beat BCU in the opening game of the regional. I was not riding Miami’s coattails this year as they were in the middle of a rebuilding season.

Q: Will Southern Miss continue their run by beating Florida in the Super Regional?

A: Florida is a much better team then Southern Miss right now and should be able to handle them in the Super’s.

Q: How can Clemson upset the Sun Devils in Tempe?

A: Clemson needs to get some quality pitching and some key hits to beat the Sun Devils. Packard Stadium has some poor lighting and it could affect the series a little bit.

Q: We know how important pitching is in tournament baseball, what team left has the staff in your opinion?

A: I would say UNC but Alex White has not been strong in his last three starts for the Heels as this is a major question mark. I think UVA’s staff has looked the best in the ACC and NCAA Tourneys.

Q: Still have LSU and UNC as your favorites?

A: Yep, nothing has really changed there. I think Rice will be a tougher opponent for LSU then UNC has with East Carolina.

Updated 6/5/09
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