Monday, June 22, 2009

SEC Football: Ten Questions for 2009

A few days ago, I pondered some questions for the ACC in 2009. Now it is the SEC's turn. Florida comes in as the clear favorite to win the conference, but the West looks like it is wide open. We have some new coaches too that will be looking to turn around once proud programs.

1. The rosters say ‘yes’, history says ‘no’; will the Gators repeat as national champs in 2009?

2. Is Ole Miss for real or will Nutt crack under the expectations?

3. UGA plays 3 BCS non conference games (Okl St, Ariz St, Ga Tech), how many do they win with a new QB and RB?

4. Will Alabama build on a surprising 2008 season and make 2009 even better with an SEC title?

5. Will LSU's defense rebound enough under new DC John Chavis to win the West?

6. Will Steve Spurrier be able to settle on a QB for an entire season?

7. Will Arkansas go bowling with Michigan transfer Ryan Mallet at QB?

8. Which is more likely, Lane Kiffin SEC Coach of the Year or getting beat by 50 at Florida?

9. How many wins will Miss State’s get in year one under new head coach Dan Mullen?

10. Will Gene Chizik look like he did at Iowa State or like he did as the DC at Auburn in 2004?

What are your thoughts?




  1. 1. Even though I want to say yes, I have to say no. You cannot pick against the field in college football.

    2. They're for real, Jevan Snead is a great quarterback.

    3. I think they go 1-2 (W Arizona St), that's one hell of an out of conference schedule.

    4. No

    5. They will be better but I think Ole Miss wins the West.

    6. Not a chance in hell.

    7. Yes.

    8. Coach of the year, if he goes at least 7-5 he'll be considered.

    9. 5

    10. Iowa State.

  2. 1. They have a better chance than anyone else, but I hate to say yes or no with complete confidence.

    2. For real.

    3. Probably one, but maybe two. No way they win against Okie State and Georgia Tech.

    4. No. Too many losses on the roster, and even if they get by Ole Miss they'll lose again to Florida.

    5. Don't think so.

    6. I actually think he does, but only because the roster doesn't give him enough depth to shuffle as much as he would like to.

    7. Yes.

    8. Losing to Florida by 50. That's not a prediction of his future success, just based on how mediocre that team is and how good Florida is. Plus, Nutt will be in line if Ole Miss wins, Spurrier will get it if S.C. wins eight (which I doubt), Johnson will get it if Vandy goes to another bowl and Meyer could get it if the Gators win another title. Too many other contenders in the league for a middling bowl berth to give it to Kiffin.

    9. Five

    10. This coming year, the answer is neither, because I think they win five games. Long range? Iowa State.

  3. Agree with both of you on Florida. If they do it, I don't think it is with an undefeated season. The SEC winner gets a 1 game mulligan in the BCS.

    UGA gets at least 1 win. I give them a better shot at Okie State than at Georgia Tech right now.


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