Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ten Questions for ACC Football in 2009

College Gameballs did a “20 Questions for the ACC” recently, so I thought I would do one similar. Answering 20 questions kinda gave me a hand cramp, so I will limit it to 10. Add any of your own if you want.

1. Will Virginia Tech stand up for the ACC and beat a national power from the SEC on opening weekend?

2. Will Paul Johnson’s offense be even more successful in year two or will ACC defenses start to catch up?

3. Will Al Groh be coaching Virginia in 2010?

4. Is FSU ready to return to prominence with a 10 win season and ACC title?

5. Will Dabo Swinney prove to be a good hire at Clemson?

6. Will new OC Mark Whipple turn Miami’s talented, but young offense into a force?

7. Is Butch Davis ready to take North Carolina to an ACC Title?

8. If Russell Wilson plays 12 games, how many does NC State win?

9. BC lost a lot in the off season, but they also did the previous year. What will it take for BC to make it three straight ACC Championship Game appearances?

10. Which is more likely – Wake Forest winning the ACC or not making a bowl game?

What are your thoughts?




  1. I don't think Paul Johnson will have any difficulty running his triple option offense. The great misconception around the ACC is that people saw the full blown offense. There 15 years of film on his offense, and they couldn't stop at GA Southern and they didn't stop it Navy.

    It was only 70% installed. Your going to see elements of the run and shoot offense this year as well.

    The bigger question for Georgia Tech, is how the defensive line will perform after losing 3 guys to the NFL.

    #9 = A miracle. They have so many QB issues at BC right now.

    Lots of interesting questions...

  2. 1. Yes. No first time QB wants to face a Bud Foster defense.
    2. Yes. They were actually not good at running the option until later in the year where they averaged ~40 pts/game the last three regular season games.
    3. Maybe. I think a lot hinges on the success of Jameel Sewel coming back.
    4. No. Georgia Tech will beat them in the ACCCG. ;)
    5. No. The motivational tactics will wear off soon enough and Clemson will pull another annual choke.
    6. Yes. I can't possibly overstate how bad an OC Patrick Nix is. Anybody has to be better and UM has tons of talent to work with.
    7. Not yet. He's still got GT and VT in the way.
    8. Probably 8. That's a pretty decent team, but Wilson is crucial.
    9. A ton. They lost more talent than probably any other ACC team. Spaziani will have them back sooner than most probably think, but he doesn't have a ton to work with right now.
    10. Probably not making a bowl game. They might be the only team challenging BC for losing the most talent.

  3. 1. I sure hope so, but it is a coin flip. Both Alabama and VT have stout defenses wrapped around conservative offenses. The team who wants it more that day will take it.

    2. Year two of in a system is almost always better than year one. Defensive coordinators can adjust because they have all year to do so. The players have to get ready in a week.

    3. Yes and I couldn't be happier. Keep those mediocre seasons coming.

    4. I have them penciled into the ACC Championship Game.

    5. How can you do any worse with that talent than Bowden?

    6. I'm not going to call them a force like the Dorsey era, but they will put up enough points to win games.

    7. No.

    8. 9

    9. A miracle.

    10. not making a bowl game

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    1. yes. Alabama lost everything from last year's team
    2. defenses will slow it down
    3. yes
    4. no
    5. yes
    6. sort of. good, but maybe not a "force"
    7. no. he might be ready, but the team just isn't good enough
    8. 6 7 or 8
    9. for the rest of the Atlantic to forfeit
    10. win the ACC. Even with the losses on defense, the offense will be about 10 times better

  5. Brent H.11:37 PM

    1. I think so. Inexperience at QB and a Bud Foster defense don't mix well.

    2. Mixed results. Some defenses will do a better job stopping it. Some games GT will run over their opponents.

    3. Haha fanny pack and all of course he will. And he'll lose to VT for the 7th straight year.

    4. FSU? I wish so for Bobby Bowden and his win total but I think its going to be another season of unrealized expectations.

    5. Negligibly better than Tommy Bowden.

    6. Can't muster a guess here.

    7. He's ready alright, but his program is 3 years and a Virginia Tech away from winning their division.

    8. 7, maybe 8.

    9. The return of Matt Ryan.

    10. Both are pretty unlikely but I'd have to say the ACC Championship is more unlikely.

  6. most on here are highly doubting BC again this year. I was fairly high on them competing in the Atlantic until the news about their star LB Herzlich came out. But I still think they make a bowl.

    Regarding the QB, I would say they lost more two years ago when Matt Ryan left. Crane had very little experience and he had to go through a system and philosophy change.

    However, another coaching change, two in two years, will be tougher to overcome than it was last year.

  7. 1 - 40% chance. bama returns more on D than VT who has a some depth issues. However VT has older, more veteran O talent ... but a worse OC.

    2 - God yes, PJ's O will be better ... but not infallible. If he can find a qb that can actually hit the wide open wideouts, the league could be in trouble. Assignment football isn't taught anymore.

    3 - I really, really, really hope so. Smart (and UVA donor money) says no.

    4 - ummmm NO. have you seen their wr's ... I could make the squad and they made their 15 season top 5 run on amazing D. sorry nole fans, that D hasn't been amazing since ... 00.

    5 - No, unless he can install physical and mental toughness, something the tigers have lacked for 20+ years. Does anyone think they can beat teams if the game becomes a street fight?

    6 - Force? No, better, less mistake prone, more big plays ... yes.

    7 - Have you seen his game day coaching? Then you know the answer.

    8 - 8-10 ... so let's say 9. like tyrod taylor, all 12 games my be a reach. plus with uber talented mike glennon behind him, who plays a completely different style .. ruh roh .. i forsee problems with PT for 1 or both.

    9 - a Blues Brothers "We're on a mission from God." After deep thought i put their chances at 1%.

    10 - channeling my inner Harvey Dent {coin flip} ... not making a bowl. like last year the acc is deep. teams can be better than their 08 version and have a worse record.

  8. "7 - Have you seen his game day coaching? Then you know the answer."

    Glad to see someone agrees with me on Davis' on game day. He is great recruiter, but give me Beamer, Johnson, or Grobe during the game.


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