Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky 7 Links For Thursday

ACC News
Tommy Bowden did not step down on his own will?!? Shocking!. Next it will come out that Tommy Tuberville was fired at Auburn.

State Fans Nation (one of the best NC State blogs out there) makes the case against Clemson in the Atlantic Division. And therefore, pumps up the Pack's chances in a wide open division.

The Legacyx4 breaks down ACC teams are how many plays it took them to score a TD in 2008. I was definitely surprised to see Miami near the top. VT near the bottom didn't surprise too much considering they get a decent amount of points off defense and special teams.

Tomahawk Nation
did a roast of Bobby Bowden. It is about as funny as you would think.

SEC News
ESPN's Chris Low puts out his all East and all West team for this year. Kinda a cop out so he could get Nick Saban and Urban Meyer as coaches.

We all know Tennessee holds the current NCAA record for most consecutive defeats of a team (Kentucky), but did you know UT players like to party in Lexington too?

CollegeGameBalls breaks down the last five years in terms of wins and losses. You guessed it USC is #1. Va Tech is at #5 followed by LSU (6) and Florida (7) and Georgia at #9. Boston College ranks 12th in wins and Tulsa, Navy, and Hawaii all have more wins than FSU.



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