Saturday, August 1, 2009

ACC Preseason Predictions: Media vs Bloggers

ACC Media Days are over and the assembled journalists and reporters have made their picks for each division, a conference champion, and player of the year.

Gobbler Country (VT Blog) decided to poll some of the top ACC Bloggers (yours truly included) and get their preseason predictions for the same categories.

Here are the ACC Media Results

Here are the ACC Bloggers Picks. 18 Bloggers voted; 3 were ACC Blogs, BC-1, Clemson -1, FSU-2, GT - 1, Maryland - 2, Miami - 1, North Carolina - 2, NC State - 1, Virginia -1, Va Tech - 2, Wake Forest - 1.
Both the media and bloggers picked Va Tech to win the ACC and both had FSU finishing first in the Atlantic. The order in each division followed to form except for Bloggers picking Miami over North Carolina in the Coastal for third, whereas media has UNC pegged third and Miami fourth.

VT was a much more resounding pick by the media to win their third straight ACC title garnering 69 of the 87 votes by the media. 10 of 18 Bloggers have the Hokies winning in Tampa. The Bloggers favor Ga Tech as a second choice to winning the ACC, while the media split their votes between the Yellow Jackets and Seminoles of Florida State.

Jonathan Dwyer of Georgia Tech is pegged to win Player of the Year in both polls (though the Blogger poll broke it out by Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year).

Shortly, I will begin doing previews of each team hopefully getting some insight from a prominent Blogger of each team as we march toward the season opener.



  1. You have to think VT is the favorite, but I would not be surprised if GT sneaks in there. They are going to be tough, and are going to control the game on the ground. I think the big question for VT is will Tyrod Taylor make the big step to make them a national title contender. I don't think there is any question he is good enough to make them an ACC contender. Getting very excited for all the upcoming football talk!

  2. I would like to hear the reasoning of why Miami was picked ahead of UNC by the bloggers. UNC lost a lot at Wide Reciever, but they don't have many holes. I live their defense too.

    Miami is starting a young QB in Jacory Harris, and that starting schedule. I just don't see them surviving it. They could start the ACC season 0-3.

  3. I thought the Miami pick over UNC was interesting too. Can't really attribute it to biased bloggers because UNC has 2 reps to Miami's 1.

    I am not as high on UNC as some, but you are right that Miami's schedule is really, really tough.


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