Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACC Power Poll After Week 2

To give a little background on how I do this...I rank teams forward looking giving an indication of how I think things will bear out in the future with an eye towards the past as well. This is not necessarily an absolute reflection of who has beaten who though that is a big factor in the rankings.

1. Georgia Tech

Did Clemson figure this offense out? Yeah, because they have a really good d-line with really good DEs. Otherwise, GT still gained over 300 yards rushing and 400 total yards.

2. Virginia Tech

It is amazing how Marshall can make you look a lot better on offense than Alabama.

3. Miami

I think this is a little high for the U with just one game, but Luther Campbell doesn't think so.

4. Clemson

The Tigers should just line up 9 lineman with CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford in the backfield and see what happens.

5. North Carolina

Maybe the football team can learn some offense from the bball team (and teach them some defense).

6. Florida State

What is it with ACC teams and FCS teams? The 'Noles had to come from behind in the 4th to beat Jax State.

7. NC State

Murray State might make a lot of teams look like offensive juggernauts this year, but I still think the Pack are better this year than last.

8. Boston College

They went from not having a QB to scoring TDs left and right. What gives?

9. Wake Forest

The fact that Wake is this low shows the ACC is pretty deep this year and should get nine or ten bowl teams.

10. Maryland

Not a good start, but thank god Maryland made the ACC 1-2 against the Colonial Conference with an OT win.

11. Duke

The Richmond loss is not that bad (they were FCS Champs LY) but it means Duke is still another year or two away from a a bowl game.

12. Virginia

How do you lose to to TCU and William & Mary by similar margins? I still think Al Groh will pull something out of his butt and beat a bowl team or two this year, but lose his job after a loss to Va Tech.


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