Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SEC Power Poll After Week 2

The SEC Power Poll will come out tonight, but I will go ahead and give you my poll after Week 2. This is more of a forward looking poll than a “who has beaten who” poll, but I do penalize severely for home, out of conference losses to non top 25 teams.

1. Florida

Tim Tebow heard Chuck Norris was inside the walls of Troy and the Trojan Horse asked to hide inside him.

2. Alabama

Can we pretty much guarantee Alabama isn't going to cover the week after a big, non-conference win?

3. Ole Miss

I don’t know if I can wait till September 24 (at South Carolina) to find out if Ole Miss is for real (SEC Title real), but I guess I will have to with directional Louisiana this week.

4. LSU

I thought it never rains in Tiger Stadium?

5. Georgia

All 5'8" of Rennie Curran (don’t believe the media guide) stopped South Carolina from starting with two road wins for the first time in their history.

6. South Carolina

I don't think the Gamecocks should drop much for covering the spread. They did better than people expected, right?

7. Arkansas

Petrino says he spent most of the preseason preparing for Georgia (why can’t every coach just tell the truth about openers vs FCS teams?); we'll find out on Saturday.

8. Auburn

So far, Chizik is winning the battle of first year coaches. Can we call their single wing, the Wild Cheez(ik)?

9. Kentucky

Kentucky at #9? Dang this conference is deep!

10. Vanderbilt

Covering big spreads is Bobby Johnson's thang.

11. Tennessee

Jonathan Crompton...fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you and me.

12. Mississippi State

Is Sly Croom available for a Defensive Coordinator gig? You can't have everything in Starkville.



  1. Ole Miss has really become a very relevant team after wallowing in obscurity in the beginning of this decade.

    After reading Michael Lewis' "The Blind Side" a few years ago and becoming a fan of the Rebels it's been fun to watch how their success develop.

    I'm by no means a historian on all things Oxford, Mississippi but I'll venture to guess that it's been some time since Ole Miss had the success they saw last year.

    In a season in which the Rebels were under the national radar they not only were the only team to beat eventual national champion Florida but also had signature wins against Arkansas, Auburn, and LSU. A quad-fecta seldom accomplished by any Ole Miss team.

    Ole Miss even played top ranked Alabama to a four point game before eventually winning a bowl game against a Texas Tech team that was able to make an argument for being in the national championship game.

  2. All of Ole Miss' losses last year were by 7 points or less. Alabama had the same fate in 2007 before a breakout in 2008.

    The Rebels are the only West team to never play in the SECCG and this looks like their best chance at this point in the season they have ever had.


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