Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SEC Power Poll After Week 3

This is how my SEC Power Poll looks for Week 3.

1. Florida

We found out the Gators don't have very many play makers on the edge. We found out Tebow can still get it down on the ground. Florida did not dominate as some expected Saturday but got the job done never the less with a few players under the weather.

This didn't happen as Tennessee was able to stop Tebow's passing TD streak

2. Alabama

Bama covers the first game against the big time opponents, falls asleep in the second one, and then wakes up for the third one. Now onto the games that really count on their march back to Atlanta.

3. Ole Miss

No let downs yet in Oxford. The Rebels face their first challenge this Thursday at South Carolina. If they are an SEC Championship contender they win games like this.

4. LSU

Tigers finally cover a spread and show off an improved defense. But something tells me Miles isn't letting the Tiger out of the bad just yet, especially on offense.

5. Georgia

Two straight offensive outbursts though this one was much more expected. UGA fans have to be worried about their defense though that was so maligned at the end of last year.

UGA needs more of this on defense to contend in the East

6. South Carolina

Gamecocks shake off early woes to defeat a decent Florida Atlantic team.

7. Auburn

I am probably rating the Tigers lower than some and a 4-0 start likely awaits after
this week. Is it Chizik or Malzhan where the turn around lies?

8. Kentucky

Wildcats get their big chance in Lexington with #1 Florida coming to town this week. I hope that guy with the Lou Holtz sign "sufferin succatash" is there again this year (I looked but couldn't find a picture of it)

9. Arkansas

Razorbacks and Ryan Mallett showed they can move the ball, but cannot stop anyone; vintage Bobby Petrino

10. Tennessee

Vols beat the 30 point spread with relative ease (and some help from the Gators) so that ignited Lane Kiffin to take a shot at Urban Meyer!

Monte got a great effort from his defense but he wishes Lane would open the playbook a little more

11. Miss State

Bulldogs get a big road win over Vanderbilt and some confidence. Now the next step is to play well in back to back weeks.

12. Vanderbilt

Commodores missed a prime opportunity for an SEC win. Might not be too many more for Bobby Johnson's team this year.

Now that I have ranked the teams from 1-12 lets place each of the teams into tier with their SEC peers.

Tier I

Florida, Alabama

Tier II

Ole Miss, LSU

Tier III

Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, Kentucky

Tier IV

Arkansas, Tennessee

Tier V

Miss State, Vanderbilt



  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

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  2. I enjoy reading your blog and agree with most of what you have to say but I am getting sick of people making excuses for Florida. All teams have delbt with the flu. And as for Ole Miss, I think they are vastly over rated. The only team they have played (Memphis)played a half with them yes but Ole Miss like alot of SEC schools need to stop playing high school teams.
    Want more of my opinion check out my blog http://secbygrace.blogspot.com
    Roll Tide!

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    I think we will find out a lot more about Ole Miss against South Carolina, their first real opponent.

    Florida has some real issues at WR, but they are still at the top in my mind because no one has knocked them off their pedestal.


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