Monday, October 5, 2009

SEC Football Power Rankings After Week 5

No Tim Tebow injury discussion here. Just some rankings after five weeks of play. LSU proved that maybe they are top 10 team on the road against Georgia. Auburn proved that they made the right hire...with OC Gus Malzahn. And the conference split two OOC conference games against the Big 12 and ACC.

1. Florida

The Gators fall into the cliche that you don't lose your spot to an injury.

2. Alabama

Bama just keeps truckin' and coverin'. The battle for the SEC West starts this Saturday in Oxford.

3. LSU

The Tigers took some late punches from UGA, but landed the knockout blow in the form of Charles Scott.

4. Auburn

Can't believe the Tigers are here and because their offense after how poor this unit was last year in a similar offensive system. Maybe the AD did (or did not) make a great hire, but the coach he hired sure did!

5. Georgia

The Bulldogs may have had the toughest opening five game stretch of anyone in the nation and although they are 3-2, they could very easily be 4-1 or 1-4. This week Special Teams and SEC refs are on the Georgia firing block.

6. South Carolina

We have seen this early season charge before out of South Carolina, the question is whether or not they can finish a season strong something they have not done under Spurrier.

7. Ole Miss

Rebels bounced back nicely making the home date with the Tide next week the biggest game in Oxford since a Manning was slinging balls around.

8. Miss State

When was the last time a team lost without punting the ball? Bulldogs problem against Ga Tech wasn't blocking and tackling (well maybe some tackling), it was holding on to the ball. And I would rather have to work on fumbling than blocking and tackling.

9. Arkanasas

Razorbacks gained a solid OOC win over previously unbeaten Texas A&M in Jerry Jones' (Arkansas alum) palace.

10. Tennessee

The Vols luster gained after playing Florida so tough is quickly gaining rust since they cannot hold home field in the SEC or the Pac 10.

11. Kentucky

I don't think this team is that bad, but playing Florida and Alabama in back to back weeks will make you look bad most times.

12. Vanderbilt

I saw a quote that sums of Vandy football this season: People don't say winning isn't everything when they are winning.

Tier I
Florida, Alabama

Tier II

Tier III
Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Ole Miss

Tier IV
Miss State, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt

Super Southern 11 (that means SEC vs ACC with a clam chowder flair)

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Va Tech
5. Miami
6. Auburn
7. Georgia Tech
8. Georgia
9. South Carolina
10. Ole Miss
11. Boston College

I had to stop at 11. I just couldn't rank the bottom half of both of leagues because they are not very good right now and terribly inconsistent.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Very Cool! How about some attention for the Worst college football teams? There are some utter disaster programs out there!


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