Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SEC Power Rankings After Week 9: Does Florida Valut Back to No. 1?

Last week I was 5-2 SU in the SEC and 5-2 ATS. I missed badly on Auburn-Ole Miss, but hit Florida-Georgia and GT-Vanderbilt among others.

We have more controversy in the SEC after Eye Poke Gate in the WLOCP as Florida LB Brandon Spikes is suspended for just a half against Vandy. But the big game this weekend is Alabama-LSU which should decide the West. Did Florida’s big win over UGA vault to back to number one?

1. Florida

Tim Tebow is not the SEC’s all time rushing touchdown leader (sort of) and Brandon Spikes is now the Dusty Rhodes of the SEC. I honestly don’t know which honor is better.

2. Alabama

Terrance Cody blocked six more field goals in practice this week. One was a crystal ball circa 2003 with LSU’s logo on it.

3. LSU

Tigers looked good against “in state rival” Tune Up, I mean Tulane

4. Tennessee

Not to get all Heidi Klum on you, but the white helmet messed up the black and orange uniforms; maybe a black helmet with orange T. But Tennessee looked good on the field.

5. South Carolina

Gamecocks have still not found a running game five years into the Spurrier era.

6. Georgia

I never thought I would put Mark Richt and hot seat in the same sentence, but a loss to GT this year and it is a very real possibility.

7. Arkansas

That was a nice win. Maybe we can stop scheduling win less MAC teams now.

8. Auburn

Nice bounce back win for Auburn. I guess Ole Miss didn’t bring the blueprint to stop Auburn (tic).

9. Ole Miss

Good thing the tailgating is still top 5 in Oxford because the team is far from it. Might be time take the redshirts off the Miss America’s for Houston Nutt.

10. Miss State

Dan Mullen is making Miss State interesting…and fast.

11. Kentucky

Rich Brooks is a good coach, but he is not getting Kentucky into the SEC Championship Game. I wonder how long the timeline is for Joker Phillips’ takeover.

12. Vanderbilt

The black sheep of the SEC lost to an ACC team by 25 points.

Tier I
Florida, Alabama

Tier II

Tier III
Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State, Kentucky

Tier IV

Things I Learned This Weekend

It does not matter what uniforms Georgia wears, their talent and coaching is not going to change this year.

Florida’s defense will let them play with anyone in the country no matter what their offense is doing. And the offense was much better on Saturday

Tennessee’s defense, much like Florida’s, will let them play with anyone in the SEC as long as Monte Kiffin is around.

Dan Mullen is changing the mindset in Starkville to Yes, We Can.

Jevan Snead’s season has to be considered one of the most disappointing in recent memory.

Top Story Lines Heading Into Week 10

LSU and Alabama meet in an SEC Championship Game and therefore a BCS Championship Game elimination game.
The conspiracy theories will continue with star Florida LB getting just a half game suspension for his eye poking incident on Saturday.

South Carolina travels to Arkansas in a game with bowl implications on the line. Winner could be playing on New Years Day and the loser could be in Shreveport.

This is not the weekend ESPN paid billions of dollars to the SEC for with games like Tenn Tech at UGA, N. Arizona at Ole Miss, E. Kentucky at Kentucky, Furman at Auburn, and Memphis at Tennessee.

Southern Top 10
1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Georgia Tech
5. Clemson
6. Tennessee
7. Virginia Tech
8. Miami
9. South Carolina
10. Boston College

National Top 10
1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Iowa
5. TCU
6. Cincinnati
7. Boise State
8. Oregon
9. LSU
10. Georgia Tech


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  1. Hard to believe Ole Miss was ranked so highly prior to the season. What a HUGE disappointment. Excellent post!


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