Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ACC Basketball Rankings and Predictions

My first stab at some ACC Basketball rankings for the season. Just two games separate first place from eleventh place right now in the conference, but here it is.

1. Duke
2. Maryland
3. Wake Forest
4. Virginia
5. Florida State
6. Clemson
7. Georgia Tech
8. Virginia Tech
9. North Carolina
10. NC State
11. Boston College
12. Miami

Since the ACC is so jumbled up, maybe a class system would work better.

Class I
Everyone except Miami

Class II

Not trying to be snide or anything, but no one has separated themselves at all. And only Miami is really hitting the skids right now. The Tar Heels are 1-3 in the league, but this team has too much talent not to pull it together and get to 8-8 by season’s end.

We have seen NC State beat Duke, Florida State beat Georgia Tech twice, Duke beat Clemson twice, Clemson throttle UNC, and the Tar Heels beat Virginia Tech as well as the two best teams in the Big 10 Michigan State and Ohio State. How is that for parity or mediocrity depending on which way you look at it.

Who knows what is going to happen each week?

Now onto some predictions for the weekday games.

Maryland over Miami (Tue)
Clemson over Boston College (Tue)
North Carolina over NC State (Tue)
Duke over FSU (Wed)
Virginia over Virginia Tech (Thur)
Georgia Tech over Wake Forest

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  1. This conference has me scratching my head as much as the football season did. I was ready to consider Clemson a very high team, until last night at BC. I was also ready to put BC out to pasture (along with Miami), until they beat Clemson. Now I am as big of Maryland fan as they come, but I would like to see them against a little stiffer competition first. They fought hard at Wake and beat a then ranked FSU team, but let's be honnest. They should have won the games against BC (road), Miami (home), and NCST (home). The thing that is promising, is the effort. They are firing on all cylinders right now, and are looking good. Sunday night against Clemson will be a good game to find out if they are for real. Of course as I stated earlier, it looks as if Clemson may not be the team I thought they were.
    Stay tuned this year, it is going to get very interesting going down the stretch.

  2. I am as big of a Maryland fan as they come, but I am not ready to put them in the top two, yet. They played well in an over time loss to Wake. Won home games against teams they should beat at home, (NCST and Miami), and won at BC. At the time the win over FSU at home looked like a good win, and it still is, maybe not as good as we thought it might have been.
    This conference is all over the place, much like football. I had Clemson as one the leaders, now that doesn't look as good after a loss to BC. I think Miami is woeful, and I thought BC was as well. The conference is there for the taking for Maryland, but the schedule is a lot tougher in their next five. So ask me again how I feel about them in 5 more games. What has me feeling good about them, is the effort and they way they are playing together, and really just playing complete 40 minute games at the moment. If that keeps up, they may very well content for the top spot all season long.

  3. Any time you get an ACC road win it is big one so I wouldn't discount the win in Boston. BC is all over the place this season.

    I really didn't think Clemson would lose 3 straight. Now I wonder, could they really lose 4 straight going against Maryland?

    Losing 4 straight is usually a killer in the ACC, but maybe not this year. 11-5 could very well win the league.

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I would love it if 11-5 could win the ACC. I can see the Terps finishing 11-5, but 12-4 would be a stretch. Still as a Maryland fan the way they are playing and the way the ACC is shaking out, I'm getting pretty excited.


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