Wednesday, February 3, 2010

National Signing Day: Instead of Looking Forward, I am Going To Look Back

National Signing Day is here and most of the letters of intent are in. A few top recruits remain “undecided” but most will be announcing later today. Not going to sit here and tell you who won or who lost because we don't really know for about 2 or 3 years.

Instead, I am going to pass along some of my favorite links I have compiled over the past week.

People will be clamoring over 18 year old kids today who may not even see the field next year (or even the year after that). Well what about some players who actually may contribute significantly that we may have forgotten about?

The kids who last year had all the buzz this time of year. looks at who the impact redshirt freshman could be next year.

Some of these guys may be filling in for early departures to the NFL. Who is going to
fill those roles?

Of course there are always guys who slip through the cracks and turn into stars. Chris Low took a look at some of the
undervalued SEC recruits over the past few years.

It looks like the Gators and Longhorns are going to battle it out for recruiting supremacy this year. But what about all time? Andy Staples of
SI ranks the top 15 classes of all time with two of them coming in the late 1940s. Doubt they had recruiting rankings back then.

My only gripe with this list is why more Miami classes aren’t on here.

Same list in wonderful
SI pictures.

Of course the goal of every recruiting class is to
build a national championship team. You can look at the last 3 BCS title winners and see how high their classes were ranked. But a top class doesn’t always guarantee a national title.

However, it must be noted that the last five BCS championship game participants all had consensus top 10 classes on their rosters. So to at least get to the big game you gotta recruit well.

But if you can’t win a national title with a recruiting class, you at least want to beat the other guy in state. Rivals looks at the
top battles for state supremacy.

And finally to take a look back at how those five stars from
2006 and 2007 panned out.

I also have some recruiting reviews coming up with some of the best bloggers in the ACC and SEC looking back at those classes. Check back on Friday for the first installment.

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